Oct 5

Diamond is harder than CBN

The main feature in the material is that it comes with a high abrasion resistance and thermal conductivity that maintains its sharp cutting edges. It’s a wonderful choice when doing advanced products CBN wheel which require a high focus to details.


CBN wheels are very important for grinding HSS. This is because it’s actually a better material for sharpening along with durability, one on the best available. Diamond is harder than CBN, but after some time many people have realized that diamond is not a suitable abrasive grain and isn’t your best option when grinding on top speed dry wheels. Choosing to buy grinding wheels with cubic boron nitrate will give you the durability you may need, while providing you with the finished product you wish.


CBN grains have 55 times higher thermal conductivity, 4x higher the abrasive resistance and twice the hardness from the aluminum oxide abrasives. This combination makes CBN wheels especially suitable for the grinding of high-speed and super-alloy steel tools, providing: long wheel life at high material removal rates; little if any thermal harm to the ground breaking because with the cool cutting action; consistent sharp, burr-free cutting edges without any loss of hardness; simple and more effective control of tool sizes, shapes, and finishes and, finally; increased tool grinding productivity due to less downtime as a result of wheel breakdown and conditioning, and fewer time essential for gauging, spark-out, and wheel changes.


CBN grains usually do not chemically react with steels and retain their strength above 10000C.Grinding with CBN wheels also raises the fatigue strength and extends the useful life from the cutting tool like diamond cut off wheels. However, before replacing an aluminum oxide wheel which has a CBN grinding wheel you will need to make sure that the grinding system might take advantage in the productivity potential a CBN wheel offers.

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