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How to fix HP Printer Cartridge Error Code

Hey!! Your printing got stuck and an error appearing on the screen says something is wrong with print cartridge. That’s the usual situation when your precious time gets wasted due to printer stops working. Error on HP printer will prevent you from printing till the time you fix the error. You may see an error saying that you have an incorrect ink cartridge, a flashing cartridge light which means a bad color cartridge or you are asked to remove the color cartridge; you should fix the issue, reset your HP printer and remove the error before you will be able to continue.

In such annoying situations, your time saving point of contact is HP printer support phone number. Dial HP support number to get instant solution for errors on your HP printer from our best printer experts. Your call reaches directly to our dedicated printer experts and they take no time to resolve your printer error.

You can try the following steps to resolve the issue before you call our support.

Solution 1: Reset the Ink Cartridge

·         Turn on the HP printer and open the front cover where the ink cartridge is located. Wait till the ink cartridge parks. Remove the cartridge.

·         Reinsert the ink cartridge back to the carriage and close the cover. Now wait till the ink cartridge resets back to start position. Then turn off the printer for 30 seconds.

·         Turn on your HP printer and print a test page.

If this does not resolve the problem, move to Solution 2.

Solution 2: Cleaning Ink Cartridge

·         Turn the HP printer on and open the front cover where the ink cartridge is located.

·         Remove the cartridge and use a static free clean, dry cloth to gently wipe the contacts.

·         Gently and carefully wipe from the top of the contact to the bottom. Repeat the same for each contact.

·         Insert the HP ink cartridge back to the carriage and turn the printer off.

·         Turn the HP printer back on and print a test page.

If this does not correct the problem, move onto Solution 3.

Solution 3: Power Cycle HP Printer

·         Turn on your HP Deskjet or HP Photosmart printer, open the front cover and remove both the cartridge and then close the cover.

·         Remove the power cable from the outlet and disconnect the USB chord running to the computer or network router. Wait 30 Seconds and then plug the power cord back and plug in the USB cables.

·         Open the front cover of HP printer and re-install both the ink cartridges.

Turn on the printer. Print a test page. If the problem still persists, you may need to dial HP Printer support for help and support.

Call HP toll free number to get rid of the annoying situation and expedite your work. We are the direct access to you for best printer support by top printer professionals working 24/7 for your HP Printer error support. 

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