Oct 16

Delectable Marshmallow Cake – Special in Every Bite

If you are looking for a perfect fusion for your upcoming occasions like birthday or anniversary, this cake will be the right pick for you to make your occasions truly memorable.

You can buy such mouth-watering cakes from our best cake shop at a reasonable price so you could celebrate occasions with no worries about your budget.

There is a lot more you can know about this cake and we are just mentioning a few of them.

We want to get you convinced about placing your online cake order in Delhi from CakenGifts.in of such lip-smacking desserts for celebrating your occasions a better way.

#1) Three chocolate layers that give this cake solid temptation

If you are looking for a cake that fits any occasion, this marshmallow cake is what you should go for. This cake has 3 chocolaty layers that are balancing both crunch and sponge making it feel awesome in every bite.

These layers are not only making it taste better but also bringing a royal feel out of it. This cake has a perfect texture that will definitely give you the fun you are expecting from this.

You can actually do a lot with this cake. This cake is not only for occasions, you can even have it on your breakfast but not as a breakfast and you must have heard that chocolate helps get boosted and lose weight so why not use it that way as well.

#2) Frosting of coffee adding a unique flavour to this appealing dessert

It was enough when this cake has chocolate flavour but its frosting with coffee is what will add a truly amazing taste to this cake. This might sound a little unpleasant that you merged both chocolate and coffee at one but having it in this form will make you go mad for this.

The frosting of this cake is kept thin so that people enjoy the chocolate flavour more than the coffee. Flavour of this cake is influenced by chocolate but this other flavour is giving it a special touch.

Bakers decorated this cake with nuts as well. As you can see in this image, this cake’s sides are covered with nuts and this is what I am talking about. You will surely love this tri-fusion.

#3) Topping decorations with whipped cream will simply get you amazed

This cake has a topping decorated with cream flowers made using piping. This is what makes this cake more special and possibly the best choice for celebrating any occasion.

As you can see the image, this cake is what you really need to celebrate your occasions with. This cream is actually whipped cream that is used in most cakes for frosting.



Is your birthday or anniversary coming soon? Or, some other occasion is approaching your doorsteps? This cake will be the perfect choice for everything. This anniversary cake delivery in Gurgaon is what you need for every occasion and even for simply eating after breakfast or dinner. 

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