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Crazy Travel Regulations around the World

Travelling must be one of the most exciting things in the world, and we tend to let our hair down whenever we set out on a new adventure. However, if we are not well informed about the local rules and regulations, we might get ourselves into some serious trouble. To help you avoid this, we are giving you a heads up on some crazy, but real regulations you might encounter while travelling.

Don’t eat during Ramadan

If you are visiting the United Arab Emirates during their holiday of Ramadan, you should beware that eating, drinking and smoking in public is forbidden during the day. You will probably be warned first, as a tourist, but if you fail to honor this rule, you could be arrested.

Don’t wear high heels at ancient sites

Greece is the country with many archeological sites, temples and monuments dating from the ancient times and they are doing everything to preserve them. One of the regulations at these sites is that you can’t walk in there in footwear that might damage the monuments, so if you show up in heels, you will either have to continue barefoot or not get in at all.

Smiling is a must

The world would probably be a better place if this was a rule everywhere, but for now, only the Italians have thought of it. Believe it or not, the city of Milan has actually passed the law by which it is obligatory to smile at all times, except at funerals and in hospitals.

Keep your car’s tank full

In Germany, it is forbidden to stop anywhere along the highway, except if there is an emergency. If you run out of gas while on the highway, that is not considered an emergency, and you won’t be able to get out of your car and walk along the highway or try and stop other vehicles. So, better keep that tank full to be on the safe side.


Bring your own electronics

Ah yes, not all countries as well equipped when it comes to electronic devices as you might think. So do your research before setting off. You might get off easy and just need a current transformer, or even better just a few useful Go Travel adapters might do the trick. Just make sure you get the right ones for your next destination. However, in some cases you might need to pack up everything from a hairdryer to several external phone batteries as charging your phone  might not be an option for several days.  


Change money into gold

Most airports and customs have a limit on the amount of money you can carry with you, but strangely, they are much more lenient when it comes to carrying gold bullions. These regulations vary from country to country, but you can safely carry 1 oz gold bullion to even 100 oz bullions when you travelling by plane. So if you’re too nervous about carrying large amounts of cash, bullion is the way to go.

No kissing

Public decency is at a completely different level in the United Arab Emirates than what we are used to. Any kissing or touching your romantic partner in public is illegal and could well earn you a hefty fine or even land you in jail. It might not be easy if you are in love, but they are more than serious about it.


So, if you are travelling, look up some info about the local culture, their taboos and norms of public behavior. It might spare you some money and let you have a good time without worrying about the do and the don’ts.


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