Jun 21

Choose The Best Traditional Mangalsutra For Yourself Now

Now that you are getting married, you will get to wear a mangalsutra. Ah…what can we say about the Mangalsutra? A single band comes along with a wide rush of emotions because it basically ties you and your partner in an eternal bond forever till death. Well, at least that is what we Indians tend to believe. One of the most prominent signs of married life for an Indian Hindu bride would have to be the mangalsutra…well, besides the Sindoor. It is a rule that you are not supposed to take off your mangalsutra ever. So, since you will be wearing it for the rest of your lives, dont you think there should be a little bit more in the effort to find the perfect design for the mangalsutra?

Well, the traditional mangalsutra is just made out of black and golden beads that mark the sign of married life for the women. However, these days there are so many different designs available that mangalsutra has actually become a delicate fashion trend. So, why not familiarize yourself with the trend a little bit so that you can pick out the perfect mangalsutra for yourself?

· Traditional Designs

Well, traditional Mangalsutras are the most beautiful kinds that you will ever get to see. Black and golden beads are interwoven together to create the perfect work of art for the ladies. The delicate charm and elegant about the traditional design still make it one of the most popular mangalsutras for sure. Women from all over the country always go for the traditional design if they are to select a mangalsutra for themselves. So, you should go for it if you are more inclined towards the traditions.

· Lightweight Choices

There are single string mangalsutras that are almost lightweight and you will not be able to feel a thing when you are wearing them. The good thing about these mangalsutras is that you dont have to worry about the constant discomfort. These light pieces are the perfect choice for those who want a simple and yet elegant design for their mangalsutras.

· Diamond Mangalsutras

Well, who said that gold is the only options when it comes to the mangalsutras? Well, there are many modern brides who are going for the combination look and setting for the mangalsutras that have a little diamond work in the end. Perhaps a diamond pendant that is moon-shaped can be a popular choice. You need to try it out to see what we are talking about.

· Short Mangalsutras

There are different sizes of mangalsutras and while the long ones have heavy pendants attached to them, these mangalsutras can be a bit uncomfortable for some ladies. Hence the amazing short mangalsutras are here to save the day. These mangalsutras dont really go much below from the neck and are perfectly visible as well. This is something that everyone would love for sure.

Choosing the right mangalsutra is the one thing that brides need to do carefully because they will be the ones wearing it all the time. So, go ahead and look at some of the best designs right now.

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