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CBN is short for Cubic Boron Nitride.

CBN is short for Cubic Boron Nitride. It is an abrasive material. The only thing harder personal computer that I determine if is diamond. There are both diamond and CBN wheels at superabrasivetools readily available for sharpening purposes. The diamond wheels are for carbide, glass, and ceramics, along with handle heat well when accustomed to sharpen the hardened steels like we use for the turning tools. CBN is ideally designed for any hardened steels while there is little heat increase, so breakdown from the abrasive is quite minimal.


Cubic Boron Nitride abrasive wheels, that are a specially engineered abrasive grain termed as a superabrasive, typically yield 2,200–2,500 parts per dress with one wheel lasting so long as four to six months. In addition to the longer wheel life, the physical construction of cBN wheels is usually very different.Whereas conventional wheels are created entirely of abrasives, cBN wheels produce an aluminum core with the outer rim containing the layer of abrasives – typically 3/8″–1/2″. When the abrasives within the wheel are utilized up, the core may either be reused or recycled, while the standard abrasive wheel stub would result in a landfill.


Aluminum oxide has been used in manufacturing for more than 100 years to effectively finish grind parts. In the mid 1980’s Norton | Saint-Gobain introduced a different abrasive grain, the sintered ceramic grain that micro fractures the way it grinds, ultimately causing better performance and longer wheel life compared to A/O wheels. cBN was designed by GE in 1957 which is considered a superabrasive. Like conventional abrasives, as time passes it has been improved by GE and also other superabrasive producers.


Grinding performance of grinding wheels is unique with diamond such as vertical honing machine, CBN, silicon carbide and corundum abrasive. Diamond may be the hardest abrasive, but it’s not ideal used in steel material with large grinding toughness on account of poor thermal stability. Silicon carbide wears rapidly caused by its low hardness and chemical activity to iron group metals.

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