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How To Be Friends With Your Ex

This just in: breaking up still sucks. It has sucked since the beginning of time, and will continue to suck each time you realize the person of your dreams actually isn’t “the one”.The problem is, especially if you and your old significant other have mutual friends, when you go your separate ways your lives overlap.…

How to Survive the Broke Stage: Marriage Bootcamp

What’s up guys?! So how are we liking the blogging consistency? After a few death threats and minor limb damage, I figured I better give the people what they are asking for. I would also like to retain the use of my legs and so I am keen on avoiding any further bodily harm. So…

Oh Baby! – 8balloons

Card by: AtiliayI’ve had babies on the brain lately, and it’s no wonder as I’ve been spending my days with my little fella, who is just over four months old. We’ve been spoiled with well wishes and cards for our little one. I wanted to share some of my favorites, including this oh-so-lovely card from…

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