Category: Mental Health

Living Your Truth

Living your truth is understanding how your unique perspective isn’t a flaw. Instead, it’s telling you that you need to embrace a lifestyle that based of the skills that allow you provide for yourself and benefit your community. When you force yourself into a lifestyle that’s not meant for you it shows. 

My Story – Stay At Home Mumma

In light of September being Suicide Awareness month (even we are now in October!) I thought I would write about my, not so much a battle but my story.I was 14 years old when I took a trip to the doctors and heard the words “you are suffering from depression.” I was put on Floroxatine…

Why You Should Be Going on Friend Dates

Life changes. Relationships shift. Friends you once held dear as irreplaceable gems in your life sometimes fade away.Of course, this, often times, is devastating. No one likes saying goodbye. It’s painful, stressful, and comes with an awful foreboding that you probably are going to dwell on the failed relationship in all the new free time…

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