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Boohoo Fall Haul ♡

I ordered a bunch of things from Boohoo during a “half off sale” (FYI I’ve NEVER seen that sale end…) and I have to say, I’m in love with 90% of it. Check it out! 

Two-Piece Sets with the Best

Set: Free People | Bodysuit: Express | Necklace: Kendra Scott (similar)Rachel’s Sunnies: Ray Bans| Rachel’s Shoes: Steve MaddenMadison Bickham Photography Okay so I need to fill you guys in on this OOTD’s back story. At the beginning of this month, my best friend Rachel (All Things Blush) came to New York with Madi Bickham for fashion…

Posted on October 12

This soup is never wrong

I’m doing a little throwback to the last time I made my favorite soup. It’s actually not tricky to make soup at all and it doesn’t have to take that much time either. This is mostly what I eat now to make it easier for my swollen tonsils. Speaking of me being sick again, I…

Why You Should Wait to Have Kids

The other day I was talking complaining to someone about how badly we wanted to travel for my birthday; but with the kids being in school/sports and blah blah blah that was fifty shades of impossible. So the person says, “aw man! No travel for your big day?! Probably that’s why people wait so long…

When listening to your health doesn’t work

Word crashed and my document for University has vanished. It feels like I’m just complaining this Autumn, I’m not usually like this? I never get sick and I’m almost never in a bad mood! I really hate to cancel or push things forward, that’s not what I want at all. 

Friday’s Obsession!

So…I’m doing this new thing called Friday Obsessions, where I show you guys what I’m currently obsessing over every Friday. (I’m not actually obsessed. I promise I’m not crazy.)   With that being said, who or what am I obsessing over this week??

My hairdresser laughed at me

Before and after pictures of my new hairdo. I was the first customer of the day, only me and my hairdresser there, and it was so cozy just being taken care of. After two and a half hours I left her and felt so much better. I took a walk all the way home and…

Weekly plans for week 40 | KAROLINABORG

Weekly plans Monday: I started my week with a seminar at 8 am as usual. I also succeeded to be super early this morning. I was supposed to do a short recruiting assignment for one of my jobs, but it happened to be the wrong target so we canceled it..  

8 Ways to Throw a Dry Bachelorette Party

When it comes to bachelorette parties, society has a way of inundating us with particular images (re: endless cocktails, slinky dresses, and general debauchery). Heyyyyy.But what if the bride-to-be isn’t part of the #ChampagneSociety? What if she’s sober? If you’re honoring a lady who isn’t a drinker, a boozy night on the town surrounded by…

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