God Is A Woman And Her Name is Ariana Grande

Posted on July 26
I love Ariana Grande. I love her music, I think she’s wonderful, and she’s one of my favourite people to...

Boohoo Fall Haul ♡

Posted on October 17
I ordered a bunch of things from Boohoo during a "half off sale" (FYI I've NEVER seen that sale end...)...

Things I Hate About The Internet 😡💢

Posted on September 20
I'll never deny that I'm 100% obsessed with the internet, but it's got its share of things that grind my...

How To Work In Music Right Now (like RIGHT NOW)

Posted on September 19
If you want to work in music, let’s get started. It doesn’t matter how intimidated you are or what stage...

The 9 Circles of Music Fan Hell

Posted on September 19
Being a music fan can be hell. Sometimes, that feels more literal than other times. Most people that end up...
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