This soup is never wrong

Posted on October 11
I'm doing a little throwback to the last time I made my favorite soup. It's actually not tricky to make...

When listening to your health doesn’t work

Posted on October 8
Word crashed and my document for University has vanished. It feels like I'm just complaining this Autumn, I'm not usually...

My hairdresser laughed at me

Posted on October 3
Before and after pictures of my new hairdo.I was the first customer of the day, only me and my hairdresser...

Weekly plans for week 40 | KAROLINABORG

Posted on October 2
Weekly plans Monday: I started my week with a seminar at 8 am as usual. I also succeeded to be super...

Apple pie, travel plans & a list

Posted on September 29
Today's... Mood, Clothes, Wantie, Wish etc... Read more about messy hair, where I'm planning to travel and a lot more.

Best possible way to start your day

Posted on September 27
A new day is here and I started my Wednesday sleeping in. Inspiration in the morning can make me have...

Multitasking is my thing! | KAROLINABORG

Posted on September 27
Read a little bit more about my day and take a look at this wonderful silk blouse! Looking like candy...

Sunday morning plus a recipe | KAROLINABORG

Posted on September 24
Good morning! It's a typical Sunday morning at my place today. I woke up early, put on the morning news...

Nail talk & Autumn inspiration | KAROLINABORG

Posted on September 20
"I'm not perfect, but my nails are". // My best nail girl has done it again, my nails are pretty for...
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