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An Employee’s Space: Tips in Keeping Your Workplace Clean and Hygienic

When you are working in an office, most of your time is spent inside that building. It’s definitely your second home, now as an employed adult. Because it’s where you live most of your daily life, it is vital that it well-maintained in all aspects. That applies both for things seen and unseen by clients and guests. 

Most especially, you have to make sure that your own workplace is always kept clean for your and your co-workers’ own good. The office is the enclosed space where you are all working together. Well, you must never forget that health and hygiene should never be forgotten even if you are doing great productivity at your jobs. 

To help you with being certain about the workplace’s cleanliness and health safety, below are a few tips and reminders to take note of:  


Sometimes, because employees have their individual office cubicles, they tend to care no more about their own places since they think no one else uses theirs but themselves. That’s wrong and being irresponsible. Of course, even before you start managing neatness in other corners of your office, you be responsible first with your own area. It’s how you become reliable about taking care of the bigger place. 

If it’s possible, avoid putting a lot of foods on your personal desk or table. In that way, your area will not attract ants. You will also avoid nastying your place and spilling liquids. Your important stuff, gadgets and office documents will be safe as well. Mishaps and inconvenience will be warded off!

It will be very advantageous for you if you wipe and clean your tables daily. Since several different things are placed on top of them, your desk and tables might get in contact to germs too. Tidy up and dust the often-used objects on top of them, just like your computer keyboard, your box of pens and your flower vase or figurine, if any. Do it daily or every other day since you know, general office cleaning has a schedule, and surely, there are times when you cannot wait for that anymore.


As the comfort room is for general employee use, it is important to be considerate of everybody by not leaving it gross for the next person using it. Bring your own hygienic kit, and keep it well in your own storage in the office, so no one uses it aside from you. 

This should not be reminded anymore because it must be common sense, but many people forget: Always flush the toilet bowl after using! It’s disrespectful and unprofessional to exit the comfort room without flushing your body waste. The same thing with your trash; do not throw them into the bowl. No tissue, sanitary napkins, plastic and other garbage must be in the bowl. Use the bin instead; it’s situated there for its . 

For lights and faucets, make sure they are closed when not in use. Conserve electricity and water. Be mindful of throwing left-overs too. Throwing chunks of food or condiments into the sink is totally wrong! Aside from it leads to a dirty sink, it can cause clogging and eventually, flooding inside the comfort room. 


If your office has a pantry or a simple eating area, it must be kept clean at all times, simply because it’s where you take your meals. It must be a sanitary space for you. Keep the tables and cooking areas clean. The tools and products should be labelled properly and sealed safely. 

Make sure to wash the utensils, plates and other items for general use. Dry them well, and store right to avoid bacteria build-up. If you leave your dishes beside or on the sink, see to it that you don’t just recklessly put them on top of the other. Gather them orderly. Use the sponges, soaps and other sink essentials with care. It’s for good hygiene and long-lasting materials in the office. 


Meeting rooms, audio visual rooms and other rooms utilized for important work purposes and assemblies should always be maintained and organized. Not only when there are clients or special guests coming into the office should you clean them but always, so that anytime they’re needed, they are available and accessible! 

Every after meetings, pick up your rubbish from the floor and throw them to the proper containers inside or outside. Moreover, your water bottles and your papers used during the gathering should not be left there. Take them out with you. The next groups to use the room will be glad to arrive to a clean and comfortable meeting area.


An Employee’s Space

You spend your everyday inside the workplace, and it’s just unhealthy and uneasy to stay there if it’s dirty and unhygienic. What the employees do to the workplace is what it becomes. It does not get dusty and dirty on its own daily; by itself it can but only after a long period of time of not being used. 

Your activities and treatment towards the workplace define what office you get. There are office cleaning staff you should hire for regular disinfecting, but if necessary, you don’t have to wait for them to do their job if you can actually do your duty in cleaning the workplace while keeping in mind that it affects you and your work productivity greatly.


More about the author:

Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. She also writes for Magic Cleaning Sydney, a cleaning and maintenance service in Australia.

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