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American Airlines Reservations Payment methods?

American airline reservations are one of the prominent airlines in the united states of America.  It provides one of the flight services across the world. However, many passengers are generally not aware of their payment methods. So, in this blog, we are going to tell you about their payment methods and some commonly asked questions. We hope this information will be helpful for you when you book next time your flights via American airlines flights.  While the post, if you encountered any factual error, kindly let us know, we will rectify & Update the article. In case of a refund, look for Amerian airlines Refund Policy to know more.


What are the cards Option in American airlines reservations?

We will start with debit or credit cards. American Airlines flights accept significant of them. For example, Mastercard or visa. Then there is JCB and Union pay. However, in case of union pay, they will accept its credit card. So if you have a debit card, it’s no use while booking flights in American airlines.

There are several Credit Cards issued from American airlines; you can use as well — Citi AAdvantage card, AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard, UATP credit card, & American airlines Airpass. Then there are dedicated American airline credit cards as well.

Now we have covered the credit and debit card section for making the payments. We will see now what is another mode of payment in American airline reservations.


Other modes of payment in American airlines flights

AA also accepts different kinds of payments, as well.  PayPal, cash, or check. However, when you are using PayPal, you need to check if your country will accept the PayPal payment. On American Airlines’ official site, there are only three countries are listed for PayPal payment. For Refunds, you can ask for an American Airlines refund Request to know more.

Those three countries are the United States of America, Canada, and The united kingdom. If you want to pay in check or cash, you are eligible to do as well. However, it depends upon the airport ticket counters to see if they will receive cash or check.

So, this is the information about Payment methods in American airline reservations. We hope this will be useful to you. 

For more info visit :- American Airlines RefundAmerican Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy


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