Jan 18

Am I really happy all the time?

Thoughts on positivity & mindset // With a cup of tea in my hands and an inbox filled with fun emails, I’m planning the future month a bit while waiting for Alex to finish work so we can eat. I’ve had a bit of a bad luck kind of day with a broken pair of shoes, cancelled trains, a work shift where no one showed up and I’ve just been generally tired, BUT, I’m still in a good mood. As I said I’ve got some fun things to deal with, some admin things which I’m quite okay with doing and as always a positive attitude. I talked to some friends about me never being angry the other day and I think most people know me as a happy person. Mainly because it’s in my nature, it’s just who I am, but also because I really think a positive mindset can help you. I’m one of those persons that rather solves a situation than starts to fight about things. Most of the things aren’t worth fighting about and can be solved easily if you just hear the other person out. Many times fights or disputes start when a misunderstanding is involved. Obviously I do get angry once in a while, otherwise it wouldn’t be healthy, and I do get grumpy. Although, I’m pretty good at hiding these feelings and the only ones who really get to see these sides of me are the ones who really know me, like closest friends and family (Sorry guys!). Anyway, I think positivity and just not taking things so harsh all the time can help you get a calmer and more balanced life. You should always say no when it is needed, but being angry takes energy and time – is it really worth it? You could use that time to things that really matters to you and in the end I believe it will help you achieve things faster. Next time, think one more time. Is it worth getting angry about or can you use another mindset? What do you guys think about this? Your mission for the next few days: Try to smile more, it’ll make your day feel more positive! Design your blog – select from dozens of ready-made templates or make your own; simply “point & click” – Click here Inspiration

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