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AFFORD HAPPINESS: 7 Tips for a Budget-Wise Romantic Getaway You’ll Enjoy!

Spending a beautiful time with the person you love does not always have to be too expensive. The most important part is you two being together and enjoying your time bonding and catching up. To go on a romantic getaway, you do not have to get every penny out of your wallet. You can actually have one that both of you can afford without pressure and worry! 


Because of the modern day’s advancements and heightening standards of living, things to do and places for couples to go can be pricey. Despite that, it is not impossible to set a budget-friendly romantic getaway! You just need to acquire and remember the right ways to take. To help you with that, below is a beneficial list of tips for a budget-wise couple vacation!



Knowing where you want to go together with your wife/husband (girlfriend/boyfriend) is essential in setting your budget because it’s where you will spend your romantic getaway! Do not just eye on one location, so you can have many other choices. Write them down, and check out each of them for you to clearly understand the features and of course, the rates.


When you are looking through the booking website of the destination you have as your top pick, do not just click and book when you see a slot open. Keep in mind that you are searching for something that won’t hurt your budget. It may take time, but comparing your top choice with other destinations on your list of options will aid you to avoid regrets. Consider other charges included in every destination and in the activities you want to do there. 


Some destinations may be advantageous for you more than others are, so keep a keen eye on details. Do not get too excited by super duper cheap rates which look too good to be true. Check every inclusion and quality, but do not be too choosy to the point of losing good chances for already cheap prices. Do not expect for too low rates especially if you’re inquiring for a reputably luxurious destination. 


Finally, if you there is a price that is fair enough in all aspects, go and book it. If everything in it is alright and satisfying for both of you, then go get it or else, you might miss the opportunity! Prices can change regularly and slots can be immediately taken by other guests like you who are watching out for cheap prices. Book the destination when it has a price you already consider good and favorable. 



Even in booking for destinations, purchasing tickets and making reservations, time is gold. When you’re going on a romantic getaway, consider the off-peak seasons for airfares and tourist destinations because rates are lower. 


Just know that off-peak season is when few customer competitions exist. Summer and holiday seasons are peak seasons when people are out there looking for travel spots for their families and friends. If you want to save more, avoid these periods. Although there could be season discounts, the rates are still higher than when it’s not a busy period of the year. Costs shift to more high-priced levels as the year begins or goes later. 




Be updated of percent-offs for hotels, destinations and travel activities! Turn on your notifications for websites that usually offer markdowns on prices. It will inform you when they have promotional sales and special deals. You will be able to immediately book those with the freshest and more economical fees.



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Since it’s just the two of you, it wouldn’t be a problem if you join group travels. These are offered by travel and tour companies selling tickets and providing services at cheaper rates. You travel with a group, thus, the expenses are divided essentially and fairly. You can save more and also meet new people. The only thing you might hate about it is that privacy is not a hundred percent achieved. That, however, is still a good pick for a budget-saving couple getaway! 



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When it comes to your meals from lunch to dinner, it’s best if you check out the destination and the nearby eating places before you even go there. That will help you avoid impulsive and “no choice” choices. It’s hard to search when you are already in the destination, especially if you don’t know a lot about it. Initial research would actually help.


If you want to save money on food, do not buy from the plane, from the hotel and from restaurants. Some travelers just get shocked with their restaurant bills. You might think you ordered a few but when you are on a vacation, you really just don’t immediately notice your spending mindfully. 


If you want hotel food, be wise; book one that includes a free breakfast in its features. If you’re renting a more private place, choose that which goes with a kitchen; it’s for you to cook your own meals. Lastly, if you are not a picky-eater, street food stalls are available too. Besides saving money, you are able to experience something that locals love and tourists go after!




If there are materials you can just bring from home instead of buying at the site, just take them with you on your trip. For example, you can just carry your own picnic mat, small ice chest and eco-bags. Renting or purchasing these from exclusive places like beaches and hotels will just unnecessarily add to your financial costs.


For swimming gears like aqua shoes and rashguards, it’s best if you will bring yours instead of paying. Aside from you are going to use an “already-used-by-someone-else stuff”, it will be more comfortable if you will use what fits you. This is for water-based adventures.


For snacks you want to munch while you’re traveling or resting, you don’t need to buy them every time you get hungry or bored. Even if each piece is not very expensive, still, all accumulated can sum up to something you would be shocked about (especially if it’s hotel food). As much as you can, bag in small packs of snacks you love. In that way, you will not need to buy, buy and buy! You save money and time, and you can grab something to eat anytime anywhere. 



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When finding a place to stay in, you do not always have to choose a luxury accommodation or a very spacious hotel. All those need a big-budget, and when you won’t stay in too much, because you’re always out on tours and strolling, you will just waste money. A wide room is not necessary since it’s just you and your wife/husband.  


You surely will not spend a lot of time inside the accommodation, unless you’re just having a staycation. Most often, it’s just used to keep your personal stuff, to dress yourself and to rest after your whole-day adventures. It does not need to be extravagant.


You must pay attention to hotel rates as you consider the purpose of it for you and the duration of your trip. Just book an accommodation according to what you need. In that way, you can wisely obtain a room. Maximize your budget for other needs because this one has many alternatives and less use. Of course, seek for hygienic accommodation on top of everything. 



Spending a romantic vacation is a precious thing for you and your wife/husband. It’s not bad to desire for a grand one, but it’s also not bad to choose to be budget-wise. Sadly, some people are just after what they can brag about or show in social media, so they push to have the expensive selections. However, if it’s not what your budget permits, know that you can still afford enjoyment and happiness. You just need to be smart, strategic and flexible. Have these things agreed upon by you and your wife/husband. Take your time and enjoy your special romantic trip!


AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Kims, a beachside retreat in Australia offering awesome beachside lodges like no other. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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