Oct 22

Accessories That Can Update Your Most Basic Outfits


A simple and plain white tee, cool jeans we feel comfy in that give us that casual every day look, a little black dress that we can pull of in both chill and formal situations… We like these and some other basic items because they are staples which can be combined with basically anything. But no matter how much we love them, sometimes we feel like updating them a bit to make a change that’s not too extravagant but refreshing. Luckily, there are amazing accessories that can help us do this!

A cool bag that breaks the monotony 

A great way to spice up a look that is basic and too ordinary is by adding a really cool, potentially jumbo bag that is either colorful or has interesting details that people notice the minute they see you. It doesn’t have to be big, you can go for a purse or maybe even a pouch instead. If everything else is plain and too simple, breaking the monotony with a really cool bag can be a big hit! 

A good-looking watch that completes the look

Even though we have cellphones nowadays to tell us the time, watches are one of the items that will probably never really go out of style. We might not need them, but somehow they make us look better, more elegant and stylish. A good-looking watch can do so much, because it can complete the whole look no matter if it’s minimalist or showy. You can even go for a vintage piece if you are into retro fashion. You can never make a wrong move if you do something like this.

Trendy chandelier earrings to make a statement

If you are into fashion and trends, you probably know that this fall and winter huge, statement earrings that look extravagant are very popular! When it comes to jewelry, this year’s motto is the bigger the better, so if you find a really beautiful pair of chandelier earrings, you can definitely get them without hesitating because many women are going for pieces like these at the moment! High fashion designers never forget these pieces when they want to present a look. Chandelier earrings are a must-have, and they can be both sophisticated and casual. Another jewelry trend at the present moment is choosing vibrant colors, and this is perfect for a basic outfit because it can make it more interesting.  

A practical wallet that looks cute

A beautiful and practical wallet might be exactly what you need to update a basic outfit! Today, there are so many great choices. They even make personalized wallets, so that everyone knows that possession is yours. You can choose a minimalist bifold leather one or something that’s handmade and unique, maybe with some details of butterflies because it is a trend this year.  

A pretty scarf that makes you look stylish

Scarves have a very important role during the transitional seasons, and they are perfect for fickle weather when you need layers. A scarf is light, so when you feel hot in it you just take it off and put it in your bag and it won’t take up much space, but the minute you feel chilly, just grab it and wrap it around your neck to make you warmer. This is also a perfect accessory because it can look marvelous, especially when the outfit is simple and too basic, so a scarf can update it perfectly, completing the look. It can look casual, but it can also look stylish, depending on what you need at a specific moment. 

Accessories are very powerful items that can improve one’s look and we can go wild with them when the whole outfit is plain and ordinary. No matter if you want to make a statement or just complete a look, this list should give you some cool ideas. Fall and winter are perfect for stylish layers and cool accessories like scarves, but other items are also practical and they can look quite good.



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