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The Blog Bar was created with one thing in mind – to provide bloggers with their own community. Our aim is to empower each blogger in the community by connecting them together and showcasing their content in front of a larger audience. We want to give bloggers credibility as writers. By being part of The Blog Bar, bloggers can focus on becoming better content providers and growing their network.

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Julie Reif


  • Favorite Food: Thai food
  • Odd Fact: Colorblind
  • Odd Skill: I am a champion at Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • Favorite Board game: Life
  • Favorite Candy: Jelly Beans
  • Motto: Hustle Beats Talent
  • How to impress Julie: Throw on some old school Hip-Hop; Julie always has a Wu-tang cake for her birthday. Always.

Julie Reif, founder of The Blog Bar, is passionate about making things happen. When she’s not busy designing her line of unique yet slightly gangster tasting cards for Cardrella and Daville, Julie can be found curating her website 8Balloons.com. Her card line has an online and retail following and her quirky pieces are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Julie’s site features her love for all things paper, and her artistic talent and eye for design shine through the daily inspiration displayed on her website.

A creative entrepreneur, she thrives on making connections and collaborates with startups to transform visions and ideas into reality. As an active blogger and a part of the start-up scene, Julie quickly saw a need to elevate the blogging community by linking like-minded individuals, and…

Voila! The Blog Bar was born. With The Blog Bar, a bigger, better, and more connected blogger community is possible.

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