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A Young Man’s Guide on How to Dress For Prom

Prom is more often about young ladies and the gowns (of course). 


But what about the young men?  


Although men’s fashion is not as complex and elaborate as women’s, prom is also a chance for men to celebrate their look and feel their best. Maybe we’re a little off from prom season which usually falls between March and June but for Junior guys who think their previous suits weren’t cool enough, dude, you still have the chance to steal the spotlight next school year. And we’re on your side to help you out.   


Prom season is always something to look forward to because it’s the end of the semester, the weather has gotten nice, and your girl said “Yes” to your promposal! Now, the next challenge is how you’re gonna dress up for prom and impress your date. Well, one thing that gives a young man the jitters (aside from his date) is a prom outfit. But prepare your head for the crown as we give you the ultimate guide on styling up for prom night. 


The Classic, Timeless, and Tasteful Black Tie Suit


A prom may not be one of those black-tie events in the strictest sense but when it comes to dressing for a once in a lifetime event like this, a young man should keep his style classic, timeless, and tasteful because that’s the simple trick to stand out. Wearing a black tie suit represent a man who’s in control of his clothes and not just anyone whose clothes got wrapped over him by his parents or a rental tux salesman. And while most of your friends are wearing costume-like garments with some rebel Sprayground bags, you will surely stand out by wearing a true black tie outfit.   


When it comes to black tie suit, many fashion enthusiasts would usually advise purchasing over renting one. But because you’re only 17 or 18, chances are that you’re not done growing. So, prom is an exception to this rule. However, renting an evening jacket could be tricky. You must know each component of a true black tux and which to dress up or dress down to achieve a classic stylish look. See What Men Should Dress Up Or Dress Down In A Formal Event for your reference. 

Once you’ve found the best attire that will suit your frame perfectly, it’s time to learn the dos and don’ts for prom etiquette. Your journey to being the next hailed Prom King wouldn’t be accomplished without following the proper decorum of a gentleman. 



Make sure you’re well-groomed when you wear the suit. Get a haircut at least a week before prom so your hair would look great and natural. It’s up to you if you want to keep a facial hair but just make sure it’s well-kept. Your date will appreciate if you brush your teeth and keep some mint gums on you. I’m pretty sure you know what I mean there! Whenever you’re ready, rock on and pick your date up on time. You can join your or her family for some usual photo ops. She’  ll definitely appreciate you being cool with this kind of stuff.  



Teenagers may have a lot of hullabaloos when it comes to proms ‒ matching attires with their dates is one instance. Although the idea is fun and “cute”, sometimes it’s overdone. Imagine if you’ll be walking next to your girl whose dress is as crazy colourful as yours. Girls would often wear fancy gowns complemented by a set of jewellery. And the man’s task is to back her up in a simple black and white outfit. But if she’s really into crazy colour matching, you can (at least) wear a matching boutonnière or corsage. It’s small and subtle and works better without risking your outfit’s dressiness.



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