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A Guide to Pay per click(PPC)

When you are looking for a digital marketing institute in Delhi, you have to find what you are going to learn. You see, in digital marketing, various channels are essential to learning for becoming a professional digital marketer. One of those channels is called PPC( Pay per click). So, in this blog, we will provide you a short guide about it. The thing is when you get to learn, you can have deeper knowledge. Knowing things before you study them makes it easy to grasp. Now, let’s get started. 
What is Pay Per Click ( PPC)
We won’t give you a rigorous definition. PPC means when advertised pay to search engine for their ads when the users click it. In a more simple way. On Google, when you see Ads in green color, you click on it. Then Google got paid for it. It is called pay per click. 
Now, why a company would do PPC, well there are many reasons for it. If the website is new, the reason could be to increase the traffic on it. If there is a new product, then to increase sales for it. Overall for increase visibility and traffic.  They’re another way to increase traffic on your website is via an organic form. 
If you are still confused, let’s understand it from your perspective. Let’s say; you have a website; you want to promote it on Google via running ads. So, you pay google. Now, your ad is appearing on the front page of Google whenever there is a user who does a relevant search. Soon, if the user clicks on your website. You pay to Google for it. You have already paid them by the way.  So, this is PPC in a nutshell. 
The most popular search engine for PPC ads is none other than Google. It is known as Google Ads. 
What are Google Ads? 
Google Ads is the most popular PPC in the world. There is no competition for it. When you are learning about it in the institute, Make sure to give it utmost importance. In PPC, nothing matters more than learning about how Google Ads works. You may be thinking right now, it is simple, but it is not. It is a blend of art and Keywords.  Yes, in PPC ads, there is nothing essential then keyword. They will decide where your ads appear. 
Now, how Google ads work? Well, it works on the same model, which we have described above. However, now, we should tell you the bidding system. It is a simple model. When many businesses bet on the same keywords, the keyword price is decided via bids.  In the end, there is a winner who takes away the bids and the price. There are various factors involved in it.  The quality of ads, website, the campaign and the relevance of the keywords.  
If by any means, you think it is easy, then it is not. If you have an unlimited budget, well, then you can spend it. But for those who have a minimal budget, they need to fight for it. There are four really essential factors.
The Four Factors
Four main factors determine which ad will appear. They are Keyword relevance, Landing page Quality, Quality score and Creative. They all are crucial to getting the best results for your PPC campaign.
In the best blog, we are going to tell you about them in detail. Till then, when you are looking for the best digital marketing institute in Janakpuri, do ask them about PPC. 
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