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A Foodie’s Guide to Sydney

Sydney, being the biggest city in Australia, has so much to offer. Great beaches, nightclubs, eclectic pubs and people from all over the world which makes it one of the most diverse cities on the planet. And due to this unique blend of different nations and cultures, it has a wide variety of restaurants so if you’re a foodie, Sydney is the right place for you. If you’re looking to explore various cuisines, this is where you should look:

1. Fast food

You’re probably aware that fast food isn’t the healthiest option, but sometimes, it can be so delicious that it would be a shame to avoid it. If you’re looking for a true Australian fast food experience, make sure to check out Mr Crackles, a place that offers all sorts of fried food. Ask any Australian to recommend you a place, chances are they’ll recommend you this one. 

If you’re looking to check out some other places you can go to Burger Project, Oporto or Lord of the Fries.

2. Green and vegan options

Whether you disagree with tenents of veganism or not, you should still give it a try, because believe it or not, vegan restaurants are serving some of the most delicious food. So, of course, that Sydney has some of the best vegan restaurants, so if you want to treat yourself with some amazing plant-based pizzas, make sure to go to Gigi Pizzeria. On the other hand, Mary CQ serves tasty cauliflower burgers that are crunchy like chicken, but without animal cruelty involved. They also have plant-based cheese slices, burger sauces and milk-free buns.

3. Fine dining

Fast food and eating burgers can be a great idea for a casual lunch, yet visiting Sydney wouldn’t be complete without some fine dining. Luckily, there are many bistros and restaurants that offer a wide selection of meals prepared by some of the best chefs in the world. Besides, it would be too bad to miss the fine dining experience by the water, considering that Sydney lies on the coast. So, if you’re planning to get all dressed up and eat a fancy dinner, make sure to go to the waterfront restaurant in Sydney, where you can sip cocktails while admiring the view.

4. Bakeries

In case you’re looking to get something for breakfast, then you must check out Sydney bakeries, where you can indulge in some of the most delicious pastries made of the finest ingredients. Brickfields sells bread and quiches, and if you want to try some very appetising tarts, make sure to visit Victoire bakery. For those who would love to try some gluten-free pastries and cakes, you should definitely visit Black Star Bakery that has cakes and other pastries made of nuts and fresh seasonal fruit.

5. Coffee

Coffee isn’t the same thing as food, but if you’re a foodie, you’ll probably enjoy treating yourself to a cup of coffee after a very satisfying meal. If you consider yourself a charitable person, you should visit Gratia Cafe, a place that offers different coffees and brunches, and what’s even better, all of the proceeds go to charity. As for other coffee places, you should make sure to go to Artificier where you can enjoy a great espresso while sitting on the bench. Other places worth mentioning are The Roots, Cornersmith and Rabbit Hole Tea Bar.


In conclusion, Sydney is a great place for every foodie out there, as you can find many cuisines and foods. Besides, there are restaurants and eateries for every budget, so next time you’re in Sydney, don’t hesitate to try a bit of everything, because who knows, you might discover your next favourite dish right there.

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