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A Fashionable Tourist in Sydney, Australia

Being the metropolis in one of the most exotic countries in the world, Sydney has become one of the hottest travel destinations in recent years. Considering its magical national parks, breathtaking beaches, and rich historical and cultural context, it’s no surprise that this city is buzzing with tourists. While there are myriads of leaflets and articles about the hottest attractions to visit in Sydney, there is none about how to be a fashionable tourist in Sydney, in every sense of that word. Below we broke down the top three features of “Sydney vacation in style”. 

1. Sydney’s dress code

If you’re traveling to Australia and Syd is one of the destinations on your itinerary, you’ll have to make special room in your suitcase for your time in the most cosmopolitan city in the country. Sydney has the most favorable weather in the world – hot summers and mild winters. Therefore, whenever you decide to visit, you’ll be fine with summer clothing and light layers for winter. However, Sydneysiders are known for their impeccable style. It doesn’t matter if they’re jogging through the streets or getting brunch with their friends, Sydney women pride themselves in being well-dressed. Bring your A game to this amazing city and don’t forget to pack the hottest pair of heels you own – for a night out, flat sandals will stand out in a sea of model-like women all wearing designer heels. But of course, if you plan on hiking or any other adventure in the beautiful nature surrounding the city, bring some rugged clothes as well.

2. Fancy hotels  

Perhaps it’s not as well-known as Singapore for its hospitality and luxury accommodation, but Sydney has its fair share of fancy hotels. Stay at the hotels with grand terraces, stunning views and amazing services, such as the cosy Randwick hotel and make your time in Sydney as stylish as it gets. The lesser known accommodation that gets the best reviews lately is staying at boutique hotels in Sydney, which offers deeper insight into everyday living in Sydney with style.  

3. Instagrammable wining and dining scenes 

Are you a fashionable tourist if you don’t have Instagram posts to prove it? The local wining and dining scene is actually what makes this city so posh, but it’s not always the most obvious and easiest choices that will lead you to the best places. Meet the locals and get informed about the IT restaurants, bars, cafes, and uncertain mixtures of the before mentioned – there are plenty of options, depending on your age, taste and interests. Universal suggestions include the delicious Asian cuisine. The one and the only Mr.Wong’s. This Cantonese-inspired establishment is located in Bridge Street, and it definitely won’t disappoint you. For a more hipster vibe, there are innovative kitchens and locally produced foods settled in the wonderful community of Surry Hills, which will make your followers drop their jaws and lick their mouth. Egg custard served within an eggshell and crab with almond gazpacho is just one of the fascinating dishes you can have here. When it comes to wine, do not miss the Monopole, in Potts Point, with a cult wine list which comprises more than 500 rare and boutique vintages. This is often the place where locals take their visiting guests for a true Sydney-like experience and some quality wine tasting. 


There are tons of reasons why you should visit the largest and most popular city in Australia, but the way you spend your vacation there is totally up to you. Trying to squeeze everything that the city has to offer in a week or less can be exhausting and most probably, impossible. This is why you should take a note of the tips we shared above and get ready to rock your role as a fashionable tourist and fall in love with the enchanting city of Sydney.

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