Nov 21

8 Pieces of Advice to Remove Makeup Easily

There are two types of women when it comes to makeup: one that wears it daily and another one who use it for special events like weddings or parties. Makeup application needs good amount of time to perfectly glam one’s face. It lets the beauty of women shine more. 

After a long day of wearing it, it’s advisable to remove it especially before going to bed. Removing makeup has no easy way. It needs process – an effective one to remove everything on one’s face to avoid breakouts and clogged pores. To motivate you more on removing your makeup, here are some practical pieces of advice when cleaning your face out from makeup:

  • Use the power of cleanser

If you’re using cleanser daily, it’s adequate to take off blush and foundation. When you put the cleanser to your face, gently massage it all over and let it sit for about 15 seconds. Put cleanser to your hairline, under the chin, and around the ear area. Don’t forget to wipe it after using white cotton washcloth. Why do you need to use white cotton washcloth? So you can clearly see that all the makeup is totally gone. Keep scrubbing your face gently until the foundation and blush go away. 

  • Be gentle with your own skin

You don’t need to be in a hurry when removing your makeup. The process of removing any makeup should gentle and don’t leave your skin dehydrated or irritated. Always be careful not to scrub your face back and forth. 

  • Take your time when cleansing your face

When it comes to removing your makeup, you just need to take your time especially on the eye area. The slower you do it, the better. Remove them one by one – all the things you put to your face. From mascara to lipstick, take your time removing all of them. 

  • Clean your hairline while the hair is pushed back

Even when you’re really sleepy and the bed calls you, you still need to wash your face and pony up your hair. If you don’t pony up your hair and pushing it back, means you’re likely stopping a couple inches short of your hairline when washing your face. Makeup residue frequently resides around the hairline, leading to clogged pores and breakouts. Just take your time to tie your hair back or put a headband. Getting your hair off your face is recommended to totally remove all the makeup.

  • Pay attention to your eyes too

In removing makeup, the hardest to get off are mascara and eyeliner. Scrubbing them is a no-no because the eyes are sensitive. Some suggestions are:

• Use cotton pads with oil-based (for waterproof) or dual-phase (for everything else) remover

• Pre-soaked the pads is also recommended

• Close your eyes and hold the pads over your lids and lashes

• Do it for 10 seconds to give more time to the remover in dissolving the mascara and eyeliner

• After 10 seconds, wipe it gently

  • Consider using cleansing oil

If you’re wearing heavy eye makeup or your skin is dry, cleansing oils are good option since they help removing stubborn eyeliner and mascara without rubbing your eye area. Cleansing oils are nourishing and not harsh dry skin. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Apply few drops of oil to cotton pad and dab it across your face
  • Follow up with another facial cleanser

Cleansing oils are also famous for doing double cleansing. Just make sure to buy what’s best for you.

  • Use toner after cleansing

After cleansing, use toner for extra way of removing all makeup. You only need a minute in using toner.  It helps in sweeping away remaining stubborn makeup. Just use cotton pad with few drops of your chosen toner and gently wipe it across your face. In shopping toner, consider buying non-drying to protect your skin from losing moisture.

  • Use moisturizer after makeup removal

Apart from toner, you should be using toner. Moisturizer is not only for dry skin but for all skin type. Make it a habit to use moisturizer after using your best makeup remover. Moisturize your face and targeted areas – put balm to your lips and dab some moisturizer to your eyes. Keep your face soft and hydrated.

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