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7 Steps Towards A Luxurious Minimalist Garden

Nowadays, minimalist gardens are becoming an even more popular trend amongst both young and old. Many reckon that they are quite plain and tedious, but actually, they represent unique style and sophistication. What is more, they are easy to maintain, they can be extremely creative, and they can represent a perfectly decluttered family space. You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars to get that blossoming effect out of your minimalist garden, all you need to do is follow these steps.

    1. 1. Align the borders and borderlines


The first step for you to take is to think about fences and borders you wish to have, but baring in mind that minimalism is all about clear and meticulous. Minimalist design strives for your ingenuity, but you have to have in mind what kind of design you would like to have around your garden. Even choosing color can be intriguing, since strong paint tends to create contrast, it is best to avoid them. Consider neutral earthy colors to paint the walls around your garden, or place iron or plain white brick wall. Unpainted metal panels might be the right solution, but you can also use a simple limestone block or glass panels that strive elegance. For even greater minimalistic effect you can but a few simple lights around the borders.


    1. 2. Lessen the decoration


If you have already focused on having neutral colors of your borders and hedges, the same goes for other simple ornaments that you wish to place. Have in mind that for that simple look you should limit the use of the decorative materials. That doesn’t mean that you have to completely exclude ornaments, just make sure that they are neatly organized around your garden. Many minimalist-conscious homeowners prefer one specific ornament rather than a bunch of them. Consider installing a soothing minimalistic fountain, that would also be undoubtedly relaxing, or put a gas or electricity fireplaces that would spruce up the ambient.

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    1. 3. Maintain your garden unblemished and neat


When you are considering adopting a minimal feel for your garden, keeping it clean and organized is what is of utmost importance. Regularly mow the lawn, water the plants, trim the bushes and hedges, and cut the flowers according to your designated style and always focus on simplicity. In order to achieve all of that, it would be a good thing to have some of the essential and quality gardening tools like Hoselink has to offer, for example, such as pruners, sprinklers or rakes. What is more, if you wish to plant new flowers in your yard consider going native since native flowers are easy to maintain and require less watering.


    1. 4.  Focus on the simple furniture


Be sure to stay focused and don’t allow others to meddle with your exterior design of your unique minimalistic garden. It should definitely not become kitschy and cluttered, so your furniture should be neat and modest. Place a small table with a few chairs if you have a narrower garden space, on the other hand, if you have a wide garden you can put a neutral-colored and comfortable sofa or a hammock in the middle of your minimalistic garden. And, if you desire a cool shading that will also protect your garden, you can implement a pergola made out of bamboo, wood or aluminum and them make an outdoor living room.


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    1. 5. Place extravagant flooring


A luxurious minimalist garden needs to have a strong line and a clear purpose. You want to have an elegant and warm atmosphere in your terrace and patio, so a great idea would be to have wooden floors. Moreover, you can separate your grass and garden area with a light-colored stone patio, or with granite tiles. Paving is one of the obvious choices for the flooring in the minimalistic garden, yet it is really sophisticated and neat, just select an expert who would make the pavement at you designated style. Timber elements combined with a stone pathway and gray pebbles bring stunning contrast to the grassy surface.


    1. 6. Plant stylishly


Even though you shouldn’t go bold with vivacious flowers, you should plant some opulent and exquisite plants. The plants that you select need to provide structure and sustainability. The benefit of a minimalistic garden is that you don’t have to look after your plants daily, so choose the plants that will perform throughout the whole year. Flowers like echinacea and cactus will do the trick, also there are all-season greens like pines, bamboos, and boxwood that would charmingly blend with your posh garden. Raised bed gardening is also an attractive way of planting, you can use brick or stone as borders and it can really look lavishing.


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    1. 7. Choose the materials wisely


Usually a minimalistic garden goes perfectly with smaller ambient, but you can create an even more luxurious atmosphere in a larger space. You can use synthetic lawn if you live in a more urban area, or try putting limestone or bamboo on the patio, or steel for the planter. For a more extravagant touch, you can mix the materials, use the wood or stone elements on the right side, and on the left use water elements. Implementing a Japanese style Zen garden screams minimalism, so the use of evergreens and moss can make your garden space feel timeless.


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Think carefully before choosing your luxurious style, “minimalism” means that you garden style should be simply laid out and with little or no attention. By following these steps you would certainly get a tranquil and lavish garden.

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