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6 Things That Will Improve Your Workout Motivation

The ever-growing rhythm of modern life has captured us in the turmoil of numerous daily obligations, where both – our body and mind suffer. The proper workout will reclaim the balance of your body, but also of your mind. But sometimes it seems almost impossible to find additional energy and motivation to do anything except fall right down on the bed. Maybe you’ve already tried and have pretty soon found yourself in the middle of a workout slump.  Or maybe you’re eager to start exercising on a daily basis, but you can’t muster up proper motivation.

Everybody will tell you that the motivation needs to come from the inside, but that is only partially correct. Outside factors are equally important, and many of us are in need of incentives from our surroundings to make this leap of faith. The key is in finding the perfect balance and employing various motivational techniques at the same time. We’ve put together a perfect mix that will definitely make you keep going.

1. Spread The Word

We’ve all been in those situations – we’re in a bar, reasonably drunk, talking about how we’re gonna do something revolutionary. When we wake up next morning we realize that now we really have to do it, since the whole bar has heard our bold statement.  We could stop going into that bar, but that’s far from the best solution. Today you can make this commitment even bigger by posting it on social media. Simply write down your fitness hopes and goals and put them out there for the world to see. It is very unlikely you’re gonna back out if you know that’s gonna make you look like an ‛all show, no go’ person.  To make this ‛contract’ even stronger, include some penalties which will occur if you break your word.

2. Turn it Into a Ritual

A ritual might sound like a repetitive action, so you might wonder what’s the use of its implementation before the repetitive workouts in the midst of our repetitive daily obligations? First of all, your workouts mustn’t be repetitive, but we’ll get back to that later. Second, the difference between your daily obligation and your rituals lies in the fact that the first are obligations, and the second are the things you actually enjoy doing.  If you think about it, our whole lives consist of habits that make our lives easier. Have you tried heading straight to work without your delicious cup of morning coffee? These little things are what keeps us going through our daily ordeals, and the workout is not an exception. Put on some energizing music, prepare a delicious drink, or find something completely different that works for you.

But keep in mind that this pre-work ritual is not just a placebo effect. In the old days, warriors were performing various rituals which will give them the strength for the battle. In these modern times, implementing protein pre workout supplement will make that ‛strength received from the goods’ far more palpable. The combination of caffeine and arginine will supply you with more energy, increasing your efficiency and performance. If you’re aiming for the weight loss, the ingredients of these supplements also stimulate metabolism. And even though they’re taken before a workout, they will help you recover faster and easier afterward, making sore excuses the thing of the past.

3. Dress For The Occasion

The clothes you’re wearing can also impact your performance and provide you with additional motivation. We’re not talking about buying various ‛gym stuff’ – the point is to wear pieces of clothing which really suit you because they will trigger an undergoing process in your mind. This is called the enclothed cognition and it’s based on the fact that we tend to give all things symbolic meanings. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on official workout clothing – you Superman suit could be hiding in your closet.

4. Make Your Own Gym

To be honest, going to a gym could shatter our motivation. Just one look at those bodybuilders showing off is enough to pack our bag an go home. The point is to make your surrounding motivational, and the best place to do it is your own room. The trick is to keep your workout gear visible but to get rid of all additional clutter. Get rid of the distracting TV set, but keep some audio device for upbeat music. A couple of motivational quotes would be a nice finishing touch.

5. Create Variety

We’ve already mentioned that your workouts mustn’t be repetitive. Of course, you’re gonna perform them in series, but you mustn’t allow yourself to fall into a routine. You’ll never get motivated if you get bored with your routine, especially if you’ve chosen the one that’s to difficult for the beginning. That’s why it’s very important to switch your workout regularly. And don’t confine yourself to your room – if it’s a sunny day outside, use it for a bicycle ride or jogging.

6. Keep Your Goals in Mind

How many times have you asked yourself: ‛Why am I doing this?’. If it happens during the workout, that is the end of your motivation.  You need to track your progress – if the weight loss is your goal, perform measurements from time to time. But don’t overdo it – if you’re checking results every day they will only start to seem far away.

Make a promise to yourself, but also to the word. Come up with the rituals that offer some palpable gain. Design your look, but also the look of your surroundings. Make it fun and liable to change, and never forget why you started in the first place.

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