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5 Ways to Plan a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Family

Living healthy is easier said than done, especially in today’s chaotic world. Even if that is true, there’s one thing you can always count on to anchor you and keep you stable- family. That’s why, if you want to live healthier, you should get everyone on board. It’ll be much easier to overcome bad habits as a family, as you’ll get to grow closer though the experience and share your love. You’ll also have unconditional support and multiple someone’s to understand what you’re going through. There are several ways to make this happen.

1. Set the family table

A family that eats together, stays together. No matter how much of a cliché this saying might be, it’s true. Not only will you bond over family meals, but all of you will be eating something home cooked. Home-cooked meals are much healthier for you and your children because they involve less chemicals and calories.

Try to have at least one meal together daily. If you don’t have time to cook during the week, you can cook everything up over the weekend, and just heat up the meals later. The important thing is that your family sits at the table together, eating a loving and healthy meal, prepared at home.

2. Don’t stare at the screen all day

The most common problem parents have with their children is getting them away from their electronic devices. Kids nowadays are growing up in a digital world, and that can be scary and extremely unhealthy. Limit your children’s screen time, but offer better alternatives to keep their interest.

For example, instead of watching TV or playing video games, the whole family can play board games. Remind yourself and your family just how fun board games can be. Another thing you can do is introduce family reading time. Your kids are better off reading a good book than aimlessly scrolling through the internet, as this activity will positively affect their psychological development and make them into healthier and smarter adults.

3. Change the attitude towards snacks

Children (and adults) usually eat sweets, candy, chips, and similar things as snacks. Kids learn from their parents and end up teaching their children the same behavior, too. Since this is extremely unhealthy, it’s time to change it. Though your children will probably hate the idea of eating fruits and veggies for snacks at first, try to explain the situation to them instead of just making them do it.

You can also try making various fruit desserts which are healthy and easy to make. Involve your children in the process and watch them suddenly want to do this for every snack. Not only will you bond, but you’ll nurture a positive attitude towards healthy snacking that they’ll carry into adulthood.

4. Take the family for a ride

Taking the family for a ride probably meant doing it by car up to now, but it’s time for a change of pace. Cycling is the number one group physical activity. It’s extremely healthy, eco-friendly, and promotes bonding among the group members.

Equip your bikes with the best mudguard, front and back light, and tires, and get ready to roll. You can start slow with just casual rides around the neighbourhood, and then build up to longer and more serious rides. Track your progress and only move on to the next step when you’re completely sure the whole family can handle it. If your children aren’t that big, be patient and gradually teach them about the benefits of cycling so they’ll keep enjoying the activity.

5. Awaken the child within

Another form of exercise you can do as a family is playing. Everyone needs to awaken the child within from time to time, and spending time with your kids is the perfect excuse. Take them to the playground as much as you can, and don’t just sit there and watch them. Join the fun! Who said you were too old for a game of tag or a go on the monkey bars?

When the weather is bad, make your house a playground. Play hide and seek, tag, or even make up your own games. The important thing is that you’re all moving and having fun. Playing together will lower stress, bring you closer to your children, and make you exercise without the hassle.



As you can see, new and healthy habits don’t have to be hard to implement. Having someone on the same journey as you helps a lot, though. Everything is better when you don’t have to go through it alone. Show your family you care for them by making an effort to fix all the bad habits and live healthier. They might be reluctant at first, but soon they’ll see the benefits and thank you for pushing them to be the best versions of themselves they can be.

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