Aug 29

5 Ways to Be Fashionable in Fall

Fall is going to be upon us in a few short weeks, and it’s time to start thinking about how you want to transform your wardrobe for the next season. Fall is when you can be the most fashionable and show off your skills, but it’s also the time of most oversized hoodie-shaped disasters. So if you want to figure out how to look great, be warm and turn heads when the leaves turn yellow – here’s your guide.

All about the layers

Sure, you can technically layer your clothing during summer – but who wants to do that when it’s so hot? But come fall, there are so many opportunities for layering. You do want to stick to a few rules, however, and the main one is that you don’t want any layers that are similar in length. If you have a shirt that hits right at the hips, having a cardigan that is the same length will make you look boxy and age you. Instead, go for something longer, to add dimension and interest. Also, think about different necklines and openings. If something is just “barely peaking” through a layer, it might look like an accident, so make sure that everything is intentional, like a pulled-out collar or a cami under a deep-cut shirt. Stock up on shirts with wide necklines that you can wear underneath sweaters without them poking out.

Think about your fabrics

Fast fashion got us all thinking that it’s just about the looks and that the feel of the materials really doesn’t matter. But while you may have gotten away with thin, cheap materials in the summer, this is a time to step up and invest. You don’t have to dish out a lot of money, but choosing high-quality pieces with thick fabrics that aren’t overly stretchy, like Realisation clothing, will help you look far more put-together. Thin fabrics literally might make you look like you’re wearing toy clothes, and that’s not a look you want to go for.


This is the time to achieve all of your accessory dreams, because the muted fall colors will make every shiny pendant pop and every natural piece look like it belongs. Not to mention all the possibilities that open up with scarves, hats and shoes. When it gets colder, you all of a sudden have to create not just one look, but another one that goes on top of it and that is seen while you are out and about in the cold. Don’t ever underestimate the difference that a good coat can make in your appearance.

Transition slowly

We are having some insane weather in the world right now, but it probably won’t go straight from miniskirts to coats. The transition period can be hard to navigate if you have separate wardrobes for summer and winter, so try instead to learn how to wear your summer clothing in the cooler days as well. Pair your skirts and dresses with some thicker tights to get a warm, put-together look, swap out the sandals for booties and sneakers and wear the hell out of all of your cardigans, kimonos and light jackets over them. Only when it really gets cold and when it would just look odd to be in a dress of that thin material (even if you’re warm enough from the add-ons), should you put it away to await next summer.


Try not to get carried away by the half-truth that you should only wear neutral, dark and heavy colors during fall, because you definitely have the right to wear all the colors of the rainbow, and make the rainy, gloomy days a bit brighter with your outfit.

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