Apr 21

5 Ways Restaurants Influence You as a Customer

While you are doing a business of a restaurant or hotel the most important thing that you consider is providing best customer services. In hotel industry all your Company’s reputation depend upon providing best customer services. Your guests should feel welcome whenever they visit your restaurant. You should train your staff properly, so that your guests will feel respected or honored, that’s why they will come back to your place again and again and it will add to overall reputation of your business.

1. Do It Right From the Start

Next thing that you should consider is to provide best quality food to your customers. Quality of food really matters a lot, actually it’s all about the experience which your diners will have from the time they walk inside your restaurant to the minute they exit. As a restaurant owner you should keep the customer service at the upper most level of your entire dining experience. Here are some important tips that you could adopt:

2. Speak Appropriately

·         You should welcome your diners when they enter the restaurant

·         Prefer to use respectful titles just like sir, ma’am or miss.

·         Listen carefully to what they want.

·         Be competent on your menu.

3. Don’t Make Them Wait

When your dinners comes at your place try to serve them food as soon as possible because if you make them waiting then it could irritate them. If there is more time that you need for cooking food than you can serve some starters or juices so that dinners remain busy while waiting for main course of meal. And if your utensils are not properly clean, then this is another big blunder your restaurant is making. So make sure to have glass washers to avoid these kind of mistakes. This could give a negative impression on your overall reputation, it you will make your client wait for food for longer time period. So for avoiding the customer dissatisfaction you can opt for various strategies and select your signature starter that you have to serve to your dinners.   

4. Fix Problems Immediately

Next thing that you should consider for providing best customer services is that you have to resolve all issues that customers will face. As we all know mishaps could happen anytime so you should have trained staff so that they could handle any type of situation. As a business owner should try your level best to resolve all customers’ complaints. And try your level best to satisfy your customers and give them best possible services:

·         For providing best services you have to listen carefully all problem of your dinners without interrupting.

·         If it’s your staff’s mistake than you should prefer to own it gracefully and you’re your level best to compensate your client for that.

·         Even if you don’t get agree with your clients than you should prefer to stay calm.

5. Use Customer Comment Cards

Next thing that you should do for your dinners is that give value to their opinion. Actually effective restaurants prefer to give their customer’s opinions first place. Provide them best services and then ask them to leave a review about their dining experience.  

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