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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Wine

If you want to stay healthy and live long, you should steer clear of alcoholic drinks, right? For the most part, this is true, but there is something about wine that will make you reconsider. Wine is much more than an ordinary alcoholic drink, and throughout history, people have been using it for different things in many ways: as a medicine, as a means of payment, and for their enjoyment. Drinking wine in moderation can do wonders for your health, and if you’re curious about the health benefits of wine, read on and find out what makes this drink “the nectar of Gods”.


It can help improve your memory

Wine is definitely a drink that stands out among others, according to a Swedish study, as it can actually help protect your memory. Over the span of 34 years, Swedish researchers discovered that wine had a significant role in protecting women from developing Alzheimer’s disease. This was particularly prominent among women who only drank wine, even though they’re not exactly sure why. It could be because of the higher ethanol in wine or perhaps the fact that wine drinkers generally lead healthier lifestyles.


Wine has antioxidants

Many people will choose a glass of wine over other alcoholic drinks because it’s healthier, and they won’t be wrong. Wine contains antioxidants, especially red wine, so a glass of good red wine will help you get rid of some of the toxins in your system. If you’re hoping to get rid of toxins, you should pair wine with other foods and drinks rich in antioxidants. For example, you could prepare a dinner that includes lots of berries, salmon and dark chocolate and have a glass of quality Burgundy wine with it. Not only will it be delicious but also nutritious and healthy.


Good for blood pressure

Speaking of antioxidants, resveratrol found in red wine can also help protect the lining of the blood vessels in your heart. Another thing red wine is good for is reducing blood clots, states the American Heart Association. When platelets in your blood clump together, they form blood clots, and this can be very dangerous. If you have a lot of clots in your arteries, it will increase your blood pressure and worsen plaques. Resveratrol has some anti-clotting properties, so drinking wine will lower your risk of developing a blood clot.


It relieves stress

Those of us who are constantly under a lot of stress will be glad to hear that drinking a glass of wine will be able to help us relax. There is something about sitting back and enjoying a glass of wine that makes people relax and unwind. A lot of it has to do with the ritual of drinking too: you should sit back and enjoy every little sip. It’s good to do this after a long day, before you go to bed, as it will help you relax and fall asleep. This is because wine slows down the activity in the nervous system, making it easier to fall asleep after you come home from a stressful day in the office. It’s important to point out that men shouldn’t drink more than two glasses of wine per day, and women should only have one.


For thousands of years, people have been drinking wine, but they have not been idle: they have been improving it as well. We were able to learn a lot about the world and about wine, and the findings are surprising for sure. It’s no secret that wine can help you stay healthy, but the key is to find balance and not drink in excess. Drinking moderately will ensure that you reap all the benefits of this wonderful beverage.

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