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5 Steps to Follow If You Want Healthier Hair

The key to beautiful hair is knowing how to properly care for it. The most important thing is to keep it healthy and nourished so that you don’t have to worry about bad hair days. There are many tips and tricks you can try, but we are going to share a few that you can apply to your everyday hair care routine.

Washing your hair

Damaged hair is the number one reason why it doesn’t look good. Hair can get damaged from dying, the sun, heat, and when you choose the wrong products for it, as well as a bad diet. Whenever in the shower, you should use the right products for your hair and choose the best shampoo for oily hair, as well as dyed hair, or problematic hair. Your best choice is to get organic shampoos that are allergy certified, and are made from natural oils. They will gently clean your roots, while still leaving your hair hydrated enough. When washing, don’t use harsh motions, rather gently massage the scalp, and rinse with warm, not hot water. Make sure you check the list of ingredients and opt for avocado oil, aloe vera, and no parabens and sulfates. If you are using conditioners, use them on your dry ends and avoid your roots.

Drying your hair

When you wash your hair, instead of wrapping it in towels that cause fizziness and make it split even more, try using a cotton shirt that you have in your home. It will absorb the water without being rough. It is best to air-dry your hair and stick to it on most days when you wash it. However, if you do need to blow dry it, make sure you use gentle heat protectant sprays, and not turn it on the highest temperature. Comb your hair with a detangling comb, because knots mean that you have to dry it longer.

Styling your hair

Most of us use hair stylers and different products to create a certain hairstyle. Firstly, let’s talk about hair curlers and straighteners. Try not to use them every day if you can, especially if you have dyed your hair or even bleached it, and invest in those that have ceramic protection. Again, use a heat protecting spray and comb through your hair. Divide it into small sections, so you don’t have to go over it too many times. Although it sounds a bit odd, set it on a higher temperature because that means you don’t have to apply it to one piece of hair repeatedly. Once you are done, you can use oil, which you can put on your dry ends to protect them even more. 

Hairstyling products 

When it comes to the different products that we use, you should know they can damage your hair as well. Hair gels, sprays, teasing, putting your hair into high pony tales, twisting it, and many other things we do are harmful as well. Reduce the number of times you use these methods. Instead, opt for braids, dry shampoos, which can postpone washing for at least 2 days, and silk scrunchies that are less damaging to your hair.

Hair food

Like anything other in our body, hair too needs its vitamins, and minerals to grow, to recuperate, and to look healthy and shiny. Vitamin A, E, and vitamin B complex, as well as iron, zinc, and protein, will make your hair strong, shiny, thick, and healthy. Brewer’s yeast is another supplement you can take, which can reduce hair loss and make it grow faster. Also, lots of water is important for hydration. Everyday food that you eat can help you get beautiful hair, and those foods include eggs, spinach, avocado, nettle tea, and many more.


Haircare only starts with the reduced usage of hair stylers and heat protectors. What it needs are vitamins and healthy shampoos that will make it shine and be strong and beautiful.

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