Apr 10

5 Remodeling Ideas to Create an Eco-Friendly Home

Homeowners are becoming aware of the negative impact of their lifestyle on the environment. The design and décor of the house have a huge impact on the comfort of the occupants and safety of the environment. Homeowners are looking for upgrades that will improve the energy efficiency of the house and make it eco-friendly.

Here are a few remodeling tips that will improve the energy efficiency of the house.

Completing the Energy Audit:

To create an eco-friendly house, you need to invest in the right home renovations. The energy audit is effective in detecting the areas that are increasing the energy consumption of the house. Identifying the deficiencies is the key to investing money in the right energy efficient upgrades.

An energy audit is a profitable investment because it makes sure that you do not waste money in fancy upgrades that are not too effective. The audit is carried out by trained professionals so their findings are reliable and efficient. The audit checklist includes everything in the house that impacts the energy consumption of the house.

Invest in Local Materials:

To improve the energy efficiency of the house and make it eco-friendly you need to invest in energy efficient products. But it is important to buy the locally sourced products over the ones that you need to ship. If you are replacing the tegular ceiling tiles or insulation or buying some new technology find a local supplier. It will give you a chance to check the products before investing in them. When you buy from a supplier that is not local then you may be disappointed by the quality when it arrives and you will have to pay the shipping cost.

Make the House Eco-Friendly with Low VOC Paints:

The paints used to color the walls and ceiling of the house contain VOC’s. They are harmful chemicals that evaporate and become part of the air that occupants breathe. They are a common component of the paints but people are becoming aware of the danger VOCs and now there are paints that contain very little amount of VOCs. The paints with low VOCs lower the emission of harmful chemicals in the atmosphere and make the house environmentally friendly.

Improve Insulation:

The insulation plays a critical role in making the house eco-friendly. If the insulation is damaged then it will increase the energy consumption which is bad for the environment and finances. The insulation has improved and there are green solutions that are a great investment.

Create A Passive Solar Home Design:

If you do not want to spend the entire renovation budget on solar panels then you should go for passive solar home design. The design makes sure that you are able to take full advantage of the sunlight and reduce energy consumption. Choosing the smart window shades, planting seasonal trees, installing a solar chimney, adding heat reducing films to the windows, etc. are just a few ways of creating an eco-friendly house with passive solar home design. It is a profitable investment that will pay you back in comfort and low electricity bills.

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