Nov 28

5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Spa Lovers

Christmas is just around the corner and you’re still stuck with some of the names on your Christmas gifts list? High probability is that at least one of these lucky people is a spa lover, and if we’re being honest – aren’t we all spa lovers to some extent? However, your troubles are over. Below we’ve listed five perfect ideas for a spa inspired Christmas gifts to spoil your loved ones with!

Spa Gift Vouchers

For those who believe spa experiences make the best gifts, or are in dire need for some well-deserved pampering, spa gift voucher is the way to go. These will enable your dear spa lover to enjoy an overnight stay in a fancy suite, a delicious meal and a spa treatment. For a more luxurious option, choose a decadent spa package which besides the use of the thermal facilities, includes different massages, facials and other services. There are nationwide spa gift vouchers that can be used in most of the spa centers throughout the country, allowing your loved one to choose the spa retreat on their own. Another benefit for deciding to spoil someone with such gift is the convenience of simply emailing it – with a thoughtful message included, of course.

Must Haves for Spa-Like Experience at Home

Besides DIY products, there are certain must-haves for a perfect spa day off at home. Help your loved one set the right mood for unwinding and relaxing in the coziness of their very own apartment or house. Purchase a couple of lovely scented candles, in combination with an instrumental or soft jazz record, a fancy bottle of wine, providing your friend with an ultimate combination for a day of self-care.

Sleeping Mask

Your girlfriend, wife or mom is a sleeping beauty or one of the many struggling with managing to have enough beauty sleep? Either one would love a sleeping mask for their Christmas gift! Search the online gift stores for cute sleeping masks, or, if you want to add a personal touch to it, order a customized one, with monogram or a funny inscription on it! You can also include a pair of ear plugs in the gift box for a total relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

Skincare Products

If you decide to go with a skincare product for that spa lover friend of yours, you need to bear in mind it’s a tricky decision since it should be match a gift receiver’s needs, limitations and tastes. Therefore, if this is someone really close to you, you would naturally be familiar with their preferences, skin issues, allergies, brands they like, and similar. If so, a skincare product or a complete set is undoubtedly something a spa lover will enjoy and make a great use of. Little piece of advice – spa lovers almost always prefer natural ingredients.

DIY Spa Gifts

Spa lovers love good old home-made products, and what is a better way to show love for your friend than taking the time and investing your energy in a handmade gift? Options are endless – from a natural bath bomb or salts, through hand-crafted diffusers, to a facial or body scrub made out of exotic oils and butters. Surf the internet and opt for one of the numerous and easy DIY tutorials and recipes for a perfect personalized gift. Additionally, homemade Christmas gifts are a nice way to save money or make the best out of a very limited budget.


Of course, the list above should not limit you – there are plenty of other options and ideas you can come up with, especially if it’s for someone special and close to you. However, these alternatives are lifesavers in case you’re creatively stuck or running out of time, which usually happens around this magical time of the year.

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