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5 Interesting Facts About Singapore

It’s safe to say that Singapore is one of the most fascinating places in the world. First of all, it’s located on a breathtaking island in Southern Malaysia and secondly, it’s one of the three remaining city-states in the world. These things make Singapore rather unique and popular with tourists. However, this beautiful destination has a lot more things to offer its visitors. For example, this city-state hides a lot of interesting and surprising facts you might find rather amusing. Therefore, if you want to get to know Singapore a little bit better, here are the 5 interesting facts you should definitely know about.

Singapore Has Not One, But 63 Islands

The beautiful city-state of Singapore is known for being located on a gorgeous island. This is why most people think Singapore is just one big island in southern Malaysia. This, however, is a common misconception. This wonderful state actually has 63 islands. Singapore, of course, is located on the main island, but most of those remaining 62 offshore islands are uninhabited. However, most tourists and visitors love exploring the stunning nature these islands have to offer.

Singapore Is Home To Many Different Cultures And Religions

A lot of people don’t know this, but Singapore is actually rather tolerant of other cultures and religions. Naturally, Buddhism is the most popular religion there, but there are plenty others as well. Christianity and Islam are the other two most common religions in Singapore. These days, Islam is one of the most popular religions and cultures there, especially among younger generations. The main reason for this is the fact that Simply Islam is being able to provide young people and children with great culture programmes and education. Even though there are a lot of different cultures and religions in this city-state, Singapore is one of the safest locations you can visit.

Singapore Is The Green City

Considering its incredibly modern and urban look, a lot of people would assume that Singapore doesn’t have a lot of green areas. Surprisingly, this city-state is one of the greenest places in the world. Almost half of its land is covered with trees, parks, and grass. The combination of modern architecture and these green areas is exactly what makes this city so special.

There Are No Lions In Singapore

Even though the city’s Sanskrit name, Singapura, means the ‘lion city’, sadly, there are no lions there. Three is a popular legend that says the city has been named by a Sumatran prince back in the 14th century who believed he encountered a lion in the jungle. However, there are no records of lions ever living in this region but there are tigers. Singapore is also home to the world’s first night zoo. This is a rather unique experience which allows people to see the animals in their natural habitat.

Singapore Is The City Of Man-Made Waterfalls

Singapore is known for having amazing structures and modern buildings. However, they also know how to combine modern architecture with natural wonders. One of the best examples is the world’s highest man-made waterfall located at Jurong Bird Park. This waterfall is 30 meters high and it’s simply stunning. Singapore also has the world’s tallest indoor waterfall located at the Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay. This waterfall is 35 meters high and it’s one of the most impressive structures in the city.


Because of its architecture and impressive skyline, Singapore can look a bit too modern. However, this city-state has a lot of natural wonders and interesting things to offer. If you enjoy traveling, we suggest you visit this breathtaking city.

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