Aug 30

5 Green Living Practices That Will Help You Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

Ever thought about how a sustainable lifestyle could make an impact both on you and your environment? With the number of benefits that going green comes with, it is inevitable to at least consider it as an alternative to your lifestyle. It goes from taking more care about our planet to saving a lot of money. Raising awareness about how our own lifestyle can make a contribution to a more global scale means acquiring knowledge about eco-friendly habits. So, let’s look at a few simple measures of green living practices that can lead to a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle. 

Take a walk

Whenever you have a chance to reach your destination just by taking a walk or riding a bike, it’s always advisable to do that instead of driving a car or using public transport. You will have more than one benefit from this eco-friendly practice. It will make your body healthier and you’ll make an impact on car pollution reduction. If you must go by car, you can still stay environmentally friendly by making sure you turn off the engine whenever you have a chance. These simple habits can make a change in your environment more than you think, so give it a try! 

Try gardening 

Planting your own garden means taking control of the food you use on a daily basis but also noticing the needs of our ecosystem. Apart from being a healthy practice when it comes to food and air quality, it can also be a space for your creativity to shine! To make it even easier, it is common practice to cultivate a garden indoors. So if you are lacking an outdoor space for creating a garden, there is an option to do it in your own home. 

Let the sunlight in

This is one of the simplest ways to enrich your eco-friendliness. All you need to do is turn off the lights, open the curtains and let the sunshine through your windows whenever you can. Nevertheless, sunlight is a beneficial source of vitamin D, which is good for your skin and body immunity. 

Go to a laundromat

Instead of washing your clothes at home, you can take a trip to the nearest laundromat and make the boring job easier while saving a lot of energy! It is important to search for the laundromat that is reliable, especially when traveling. For example, in Australia, there are 224 laundromats all over the country. If you happen to be visiting Australia’s east coast, you shouldn’t miss stopping by a laundromat in Randwick which offers ecologically friendly services by heightening the energy efficiency of their washers. 

Waste less

There is a number of ways of how you can create a habit of less waste. We all know how drinking water is a crucial practice for our health. Since it is advisable to drink at least 2 liters of water daily, we should make sure to think about the bottles we drink from. An eco-friendly alternative to the usage of plastic water bottles is to replace them with durable ones. It a sustainable living practice which is without a doubt beneficial to your health. 


Practicing a sustainable way of living requires changing your perception. It is important that we understand that adopting just a few eco-practices can lead to a healthier lifestyle and consequently improve the environment we live in. We all know that before everything else, a change has to start from within. By following those green living practices, you will not only feel better about yourself but also make a huge environmental contribution.

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