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5 Fruits For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is affecting younger men as well along with senior men. It is an age related issue, but stress and hectic lifestyle can increase the chances of erectile dysfunction in the younger man. It is devastating to the self- esteem and sexual confidence of a man.

Erectile dysfunction pills are available in the market to overcome the deficiency. The oral pills are used just before the sexual activity.  The chemical based pills provide relief in 60 minutes by mixing with the blood stream and increasing blood supply to the sexual organ.

Fruits For Improving Erectile Dysfunction

The pills used in the erectile issues such as Viagra 150 mg contain the chemical as main active ingredient. The chemical brings some side effects with the improvement in erectile degree.  Younger and senior men alike do not like the side effects, as they fear it affects their sexual joy.

The younger men also like to have the alternative treatment methods that are safe and provide permanent solution to the erectile issue. The pills are only for temporary solution.  They give relief from the erectile issue for some hours.  But the erectile issue remains. Younger men feel that using pills every time they need erection, robs them of the joy of spontaneous joy.

Some men prefer natural ED treatment methods to get the permanent cure. One of the safest and the best natural methods is to eat fruits that bring improvement in erectile dysfunction. These fruits remove the obstruction to the movement of blood in the vessels. 


It has been observed by the researchers that foods and fruits packed with the flavonoids reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction. The research was conducted on the people over 70 years of age. The fruits like blueberries, strawberries, organ etc, relax the blood arteries. When blood vessels are relaxed the blood flows through the vessels towards the sexual organ.


Studies have shown that the effect of the watermelon on the body as far as antidote to erectile dysfunction is similar to the Viagra dose. It also increases the libido. By eating this fruit you are relaxing the blood vessels and letting the blood flow towards the sexual organ. It is full of water, but some small ingredient in it does wonders to the erectile dysfunction.


This single fruit has more than 100 phytochemicals for various health benefits.  It has many benefits, but the benefit that helps improve the erectile dysfunction is its ability to increase flow of blood to the sexual organ. It dilates the blood vessels and increases the flow of blood. The daily consumption also decreases the formation of plaque and cholesterol in the blood vessels.


Erectile dysfunction depends on the flow of the blood in the body. And flow of the blood in the body in turn depends on the condition and health of the heart. Banana ensures a healthy heart and faster blood circulation in the body. The potassium in the bananas keeps the blood pressure level in check. Blood pressure damages the vessels and high blood pressure is one of the causes of the erectile dysfunction.


The little and cute cherries are full of benefits that help us remove any cholesterol or plaque from the vessels. The little fruit prevents damage to the blood vessels and keeps blood flow smoothly. The consumption of cherries helps us keep arteries smooth for flow of blood.

Erectile dysfunction occurs when we fail to increase flow of blood to the vessels in the sexual organ. The good flow is necessary for a hard erection. The erectile dysfunction drugs such as Cialis 40 mg also increase the blood flow by supporting the action of enzyme that dilates the blood vessels.  All ED medicines perform the same function irrespective of their chemicals.

However, the biggest advantage of the medicines is that one gets instant erection in the shortest period of time. Those who want a hard erection use Levitra 40 mg dose. It gives capability to get the hard erection for at least 5 hours after 60 minutes from the time of use.  The best treatment method will be combination of natural method with use of erectile dysfunction pills.  Continue with the natural method, but whenever you feel some inadequacy in erection, use any of the pills. But increase the intake of fruits to get the permanent solution.

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