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5 Best Smelling Kenzo Perfumes

One of the best sides of perfumes, and smells in general, is the power to bring us back emotionally into a specific moment in our life. You’ll always remember the aroma your first love spread all over the area when they’d enter the room with their favourite perfume or cologne on them. Aside from that, you should also make sure to choose the fragrance according to your affinities and always feel great while wearing certain eau de parfum. Kenzo Takada has launched his first fragrance in Japan back in 1992 and has created numerous perfumes with a range of notes. From flowery to powdery, fruity and musk, we bring you our five best smelling fragrances that you should consider buying when you start looking for your next favourite fragrance.

Madly Kenzo!

A fine combination of balsamic, smoky and musky notes brings you Madly Kenzo! by Kenzo. This oriental floral fragrance for women was launched in 2011 and it mixes the aromas of African orange flower and pink pepper. It’s the best choice for everyone who enjoys strong memorable scents that will stay behind you for several minutes, allowing everyone else to be dazzled by the wonderful scent. The middle notes of incense, heliotrope and rose in combination with base notes musk, vanilla and red cedar make this fragrance perfect for winter and cold autumn rather than for the blazing heat. 

Jeu d’Amour Kenzo

The notes of blood mandarin, pomegranate, tea, tuberose, and freshie are blended together to concoct this fabulous fragrance. The delicate mixture of woody, floral and spicy notes makes this perfume truly enchanting for everyone’s senses. Even though it was created in Japan, you can easily find this Kenzo perfume in Australia as well and complete your collection with a unique and refreshing fragrance such as Jeu d’Amour. We can say it is a clean, calm, fresh and feminine fragrance. A great choice for everyone who looks for a delicate balance between sensuality and minimalism.

Flower by Kenzo

Another floral aroma comes from the creative Kenzo workshop. If you want a clear yet unusual scent in your collection, then Flower by Kenzo is the top choice. Three basic notes give this perfume its charm, and those are floral, powdery and balsamic. Palma violet, Hawthorne, cassis and Bulgarian rose in combination with the powdery notes of vanilla, white musk and opopanax create a sweet creamy aroma that will be a true delight for everyone who enjoys a skin warmth type of creaminess. If you’re looking for something classic and elegant, Flower by Kenzo will be your cup of tea.

Kenzo World

The original Kenzo World came out in 2016 and was relaunched in 2018. A fabulous amalgamation of floral, sweet and fresh powdery notes makes this fragrance a pleasure for all of your senses. Peony with a great refreshment of pear and more blossoms creates the enchanting scent that’s dominated by orris. It’s the perfect office perfume, not too invasive but clean, fresh and pleasant. Perfect for daytime when you don’t want to leave too big an impression with your fragrance. 

Kenzo Jungle L’Elephant

For all the lovers of spicy notes, here comes a real treat in the form of a unique Kenzo perfume. It unites nature and flowers flawlessly, so if you’re a fan of airy mandarin, clove, cumin and cardamom, this is the fragrance for you. It fuses patchouli, cashmere, amber, vanilla and adds the hints of ylang-ylang, heliotrope, mango and liquorice. Jungle L’Elephant is an intense sensual fragrance made for the bold and daring, perfect to wear in colder weather. 

Final thoughts

Kenzo Takada has made a series of fragrances for everyone’s taste. Whether you like powdery, floral, fresh or intense notes, Kenzo has it all. So feel free to browse through their wide collection of perfumes and look for the one that best appeals to your senses. 

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