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5 Benefits of using a Destination Management Company when Visiting Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a dynamic tropical destination a few miles away from the Southern Coast of India is an awe-inspiring island nation that is frequently referred to as the “quintessential tropical vacation getaway”. Diverse landscapes in a relatively compact land area give tourists a chance to experience a fulfilling vacation within a couple of weeks if the trip is planned well. 

If you travel frequently, you might be familiar with the biggest problems that most travelers face. We plan a vacation to free ourselves from the shackles of the hustle and bustle of our daily work routine and let’s face it, vacations are getting increasingly costly in many parts of the world. Planning a vacation properly takes time, effort and research. This could be challenging if you are on a tight work schedule or if you decide to embark on a vacation spontaneously. A poorly planned vacation could be disastrous, costly and stressful, beating the purpose of taking one at all. This is where good destination management companies in Sri Lanka (DMCs) can help, they take care of all the tourist’s needs from arrival to departure. 

All-Inclusive Tour Packages:

DMCs work closely with leading tour operators, transportation providers and hotels/resorts in the country. They could receive special rates due to the large groups of people they refer and this results in lower costs for you, the consumer. Most DMCs provide packages that cover food, accommodation, transportation and transfers from one tourist attraction to another. 

The DMC Plans the Vacation for You:

The best possible itinerary is pre-planned for tourists. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the vacation as the DMC will take care of tour planning and visiting the various tourist spots. You could take advantage of lower rates while sightseeing but this would not always be the case. The DMC will hand-pick the best spots around the country for you and come up with an enthralling itinerary with different options for you to choose from. 

Quality Control:

When it comes to quality of service, you are in safe hands when you work with a DMC. Destination Management Companies are licensed travel agents and must be approved by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority. The regulatory body ensures that every accredited travel agent maintains international quality standards.

Travel Insurance:

Most Destination Management Companies require you to obtain travel insurance. It could be a touch expensive but you can get great deals if you go through a DMC. 


DMCs maintain good relationships with hotels, resorts or spas. You could be entitled to some great perks such as free breakfast, free swimming pool or spa access. Discuss with your travel agent as perks may vary. 

One of the main benefits of using a DMC is that they are responsible for the client’s safety. In addition, the highly competitive tourism industry in the country has driven prices of DMC tour packages to extremely affordable rates. This means you get a great deal, save time, effort and have a memorable vacation. Most DMCs have websites with plenty of information of where to go, where to stay and what to do in Sri Lanka. 

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