Nov 12

4 Dressing Tips for Girls with Short Height


Short heighted women find it very difficult while picking the perfect dress for them. That becomes the reason of choosing the wrong styles and trends that will make you look even worse. So keep in mind that first of all you should prefer to analyze your body shape, after that see which dressing styles will suit your body after that do the shopping. To get rid of all these types of fashion styling issues here in this article we are discussing about best styling tips for short women.

1.  Prefer to Decide the Place for Shopping:

The first thing that you should know is the place from where you will get the best stylish clothes. And obviously people use to avoid talking their new outfits directly to the tailor for getting a proper fit. So, it’s better to choose the small size in the clothes so that it will look perfect on your smaller body shape. Keep in mind that sizes of all brands are different so you should prefer to check different brands and then analyze which brand size actually fits you perfectly. That will make it easy to choose their clothing every time whenever you will go out to shop.

2.  Prefer to Embrace the Right Kind of Trends:

Other than that you should prefer to embrace the right trends. As we all know that trends keep on changing from time to time. And you only have to follow the one that actually suits your figure. There are times when short women feel that impossible to find the appropriate tops. Because most of the designers use to focus their dressing design for tall women. So whatever you will choose keep in mind that don’t ever let the trends compromise on your comfort level. It should make you feel comfortable. So that’s why you should prefer to opt for trends like wearing tunic tops, women fashion hoodies, oversize shirts or shapeless tops, and even the horizontal stripes. All these things will look perfect for short girls.

3.  Prefer to Have A Best Tailor on Speed Dial:

Next advice for short girls is that you should prefer to get your tailor on speed dial. So that he will help you to trim, tweak hemlines to adjust the sleeves and fitting of your dress whenever you need it.  As we all know that it is very difficult to find a good tailor especially when you need your dress trimmed in an emergency. So it’s better to find one great tailor and then always keep that on speed dial by maintaining good relation with them.

4.  Prefer to Shop the Accurate Shoes:

Next most important item that you have to wear to look classy and stylish is your shoes. So short women use to face lots of difficulty while selecting the shoes. Because most of them use to think that they only have to wear high heels. Which is really not very comfortable. Yes, you can wear it on events or occasions, but wearing heels on a daily basis will definitely make you feel uncomfortable. That’s why prefer to focus on the type of heel that you are choosing. Actually, you can choose the wedge heels that are very comfortable or else opt to wear boots or a pointed toe heel. 

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