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3 Tips to Create Your Own Healing Garden

Interacting with nature offers numerous healing benefits for both your body and your soul. Outdoor activity can seriously enhance your health, as it affects your breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, but it also affects your stress and anxiety. With that said, probably the most affordable way to experience outdoor activity is in your own garden or backyard.


We did a bit of digging around, and we’ve come up with this short guide through some of the tips you can use when creating your own healing garden. Hopefully, this article will help point you in the right direction, so, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.


Be Smart About Colors



When you start picking colors for your little healing oasis, you have to consider a few things. The first thing to keep in mind is whether you’ll be spending time in your garden in the morning or in the evening. You should also consider how much direct sunlight your garden gets. These things should help you find the best colors for your garden.

You can use different colors of LED lighting around your garden to set different moods. If you’re more of a morning person, consider painting your walls in bright colors, to fully emphasize those amazing sunrises. However, try to keep the gloss to a minimum, as it can affect the overall appeal of your garden. Use warm and relaxing colors, but don’t overdo it, you want your garden to be a healing oasis, and not an abstract painting, after all.


Use Natural Materials



One of the things considered the best for your healing garden is to focus on natural materials and try to mimic Mother Nature as closely as you can. Creating your own little natural oasis right in the middle of your neighborhood can be exactly what you need to relieve yourself from all the unnecessary stress.


Use as much wood as possible, but also don’t forget about boulders, gravel, grass, shrubs, and even flowers. Do you have a favorite hiking spot? Bring some memorabilia from there, which you can use as a part of your new healing paradise. You can bring back some flowers, small stones, and you can combine those things to really emphasize the natural feel of your garden. Use wildflowers with trees or boulders with water. You can use old driftwood as a garden decoration, basically, it all comes down to your imagination and preference.


Make Your Garden Lively



Whether you focus on creating intricate fish pond with a stream, or you simply want to create a few bird feeders, you should consider adding more life to your healing garden. Some of these things are a bit more complicated to implement on yourself, so you might consider consulting a professional. Consider looking for someone with a reputation, look for companies like Musa Landscape Architecture professionals and similar.


Add bird feeders and a bird bath in your garden to encourage those little flyers to start hanging out in your garden. If it’s possible, make a fish pond, as it can have numerous positive effects on both you and your healing garden. Plant flowers so butterflies and bees can lively up your garden. This variety of life and color will affect you in a number of ways you can’t even imagine.


Wrapping It Up



Your garden is supposed to be a place where you relax, enjoy, and relieve your stress. However, it can be much more than that. If you plant herbs and spices, you can positively affect your diet. Gardening has proven to be one of the best things to do if you’re looking for long and healthy life. The benefits of a small, healing garden are basically countless, so don’t waste time. Start planning and start redecorating your garden today!


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