Nov 6

3 Stunning Upgrades that Will Make Your Old Home Feel Fresh and New

Aren’t you bored with the way your home interior looks like? How long has it been since you made a significant change in your home décor? We all tend to sink into our comfort zones, but there comes a time when one needs to snap out of it, and that time is now. Forget about the usual excuses, such as the lack of money and time and adopt a new positive attitude. Most Australians cite these problems, but they’re merely excuses. If you’re willing to make a change, the change will come. All you need is some enthusiasm and creativity, and you’ll be able to do a lot on a budget. We’re here to chip in with a few ideas.

DIY painting

If you’re bored with your old furniture and would like to change it, it may be that it’s too expensive of an endeavor. This is why you should opt for handling things on your own. Your furniture can look brand new with a bit of sandpaper and some coating paint. You can transform an old cliché cupboard into a chic new one and color it green, blue or pink. You can do anything you like. This isn’t just the case with wooden furniture, you can do the same with kitchen or bathroom tiles. If they’re plain white, you can draw on them or make geometrical patterns with live colors. It will make the whole room look entirely different, and nobody will know that it’s the same old furniture you’ve had for years.


Most people don’t think about lighting when doing interior redesign, which is clearly a mistake. Lighting plays a serious role in the whole ambiance of every room. This is why you need to change all your light switches to dimmers and go from there. Dimmers will allow you to dictate the mood in every situation, which will make all your rooms look a thousand times better. Moreover, introducing various lamps can be a great contribution to any living room or bedroom for a number of reasons from having reading lights to having wine drinking lights. They increase the coziness of any room. However, since Australian laws are quite strict when it comes to performing electrical work, it’s best to find an expert Sydney electrician who can install more power outlets and replace your switches. 

Upgrade old hardware

Your kitchen and bathroom situation can be quite horrific. However, the amount of money needed to replace all the oldies can be quite excessive and often out of our reach. This is why you should scrub and scrape the hardware as hard as you can and then repaint it. Make sure to use paint that is resistant to humidity and evaporation as these are the rooms that will often have such conditions. However, you should replace a few things that aren’t too expensive. For instance, you can get new faucets, soap holders and shower curtain. These are all pretty modest investment, but they will make a huge difference. People won’t be able to recognize the place despite the fact you invested so little money into it. 

All in all, a lot can be done when one is motivated and willing to try hard and invest time into a certain project. Make no mistake, every renovation is a trade-off between time and money, so your lack of funds must be compensated by your time and effort. It won’t be quick, but it will be extremely efficient. Don’t be discouraged if you’ve never done such things before, it’s not too complicated and anyone can do it. You just need a bit of good will and a positive attitude. 

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