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12 THINGS I MISS ABOUT COLLEGE • Diaries of an Awkward Life

I graduated from college this past May, meaning it has been almost a whole year since I got my degree. While I have kept very busy with graduate school there are still some things I miss about undergrad, so I decided to share those with you today.1. The fun, I just need credit and this is an easy A classes. Graduate school is different in which you just take the classes pertaining to your program. I miss those random classes that made my life a little more fun because they had nothing to pertain to my major. Come on, who doesn’t love an aerobic dance class that forces you to work out and you get an a for just showing up once a week for 8 weeks. Take me back please.2. The free stuff. Boy oh boy, do I have a lot of free stuff from college. Everyone seems to know that college students will shows up if there is something for free, and they take full advantage of that. I left college with a collection of cups, pens, stress balls, t-shirts, bandanas, towels, etc. You name it, I could probably get it for free. Don’t even get me started on the free food. If you wanted a big turnout, say there will be free food. Your attendance would never be higher. College kids are broke and always looking for something that isn’t the dining hall.3. My sorority. I know this may sound cliché but there isn’t a day where I don’t miss my sorority sisters. It is through my sorority that I found my absolute best friends, my bridesmaids one day. I never thought I would be the type of girl to go through recruitment, but I did and from day one I have never regretted it. However, now as a recent alumna I miss it. FOMO is real, especially on days where they have an event and they’re all dressed up and I see thousands of insta pictures, but I still like and comment on every one of the pictures because I miss it. I miss my littles and my family especially. I know I was blessed with the sorority family I have, because they are still a big part of my life, but when you live 7 hours away from them all, you just want to be with them.4. Campus ministries. This is another strong one. Campus ministries, specifically Greek Intervarsity, transformed my life into who I am today. I would have to say my relationship with God grew so much during those four years of college, with a big part due to campus ministries. It was a place where I could be truly me, but also learn about God in a personal and intimate way. I also made my other best friends through campus ministries, plus people from other campuses. You also get some of the best life mentors you could ever have in your life. I know I would be lost if it wasn’t for my campus ministry staff worker.5. Judgement free zone. College is a weird place. It truly seems like it is a place that you can do what you want and no one judges. You want to wear pajamas to class, you do you honey boo boo child. You have a breakdown in the library, we are right there with you. Need cheese fries from Rally’s at 3 am? I’ll join you. Basically, my point was you could do pretty much whatever you wanted in college and people seemed to understand, or at least not care. Probably because they had been there at one point in their college years.6. Going out on a Tuesday or Thursday or honestly any day. I was never a huge partier or one that enjoyed going out much, but I did want to go out and enjoy some time with friends. There was something so fun and just unique about going to the bar with your friends during the weekday. If you are lucky enough like me you will have some great friends and you will always have the memories of those nights out. So, if you just happen to be a college senior reading this, go out on weekday before you graduate and then miss it. Just don’t do it the night before a big test. I have never tried that, and 10/10 wouldn’t recommend though.7. Getting by with anything because “college”. Honestly, college is a good excuse for anything. Mom would ask why I was not sleeping enough, or broke, or needed a certain item. Surely enough, I would just reply with college and it seemed like everything made sense one again. I am not sure why, but it works… most of the time…8. Having all your best friends within a few miles of you. This is another one that sucks a lot about graduating and moving 7 hours away from your undergrad. A good portion of my friends are still either in school or work in that area. That means they all get to hang out with each other and there you are on a Friday night watching golf and facetiming your sister for 2 hours because all your friends are together and you can’t be there. Again, FOMO is real and FOMO is strong.9. The dining hall. Pay attention though, because I didn’t say dining hall food. I could go my entire life without eating the dining hall food. Rather, it was the experience of the dining hall I miss. There weren’t many times where I wouldn’t eat in the dining hall without a friend or 12. The dining hall was like the college attempt at a family dinner table, and I have to say it works. I have had many, many laughs in the dining halls, and they’re times I will never forget. So, my advice is you can complain about the food, but don’t complain about the time spent there.10. George’s. This one is specific to my undergrad, but if you happened to go to ISU as well, you understand. George’s is an on-campus restaurant ran by the sweetest guy, named well George. If you become like me and some of my friends, George will get to know your name and order, and then you will be unsure whether to be ashamed or proud. Then, you’ll eat your cheese fries and be proud and know you will be back at George’s soon enough. I miss George, his food, and the fun times I had with my friends bonding of the good food.11. The library. This one is interesting to me, but I think it sums up my whole experience of college. 85% of the time was spent there studying my butt off, but I was normally surrounded by my closest friends. That means the other 15% was some crazy times with my friends while being delusional from all the stress and sleep deprivation. The library definitely saw me at my worst sometimes, but I guess it all paid off. I mean I graduated, so that is all that matters.12. Being broke, tired, and stressed, but loving every minute of it. College is a special time. It is a time to be broke and stressed and fail and it is perfectly okay. I made tons of mistakes in college, but it helped me grow. I met my people that mean the world to me. I grew bother personally and academically. I had experiences that I would never have had, like traveling to London or going to medical conferences. There is nothing quite like the college years of your life. So, if you’re still there or getting ready to enter college, live it up, take it all in, and love your time there. It will be some of the best years of your life.

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